CryWeather 1.5.2

Manage time easily

  1. Crylonz
    • Manage time easily (day, night, rain, sun etc..)
    • You can remove rain from your server with just a simple command
    • Include permission for each command
    • Lightweight and stable
    • With its unique controls, no risk of incompatibility with another plugin
    • Multiworld Support

    CryWeather 1.5 is now available.

    • You can now remove rain from your server
    • Update for 1.8
    • Change syntax of all commands
    • Fixed some permissions issues
    • Add command /cEnableRain
    • Add command /cDisableRain
    • Add a config.yml
    Just drag and drop CryWeather.jar to your plugins file.


    cryweather.* : Gives access to all cryweather commands


    • If you do not specify the world, it affects the world where you are.
    • Op have all rights
    Next update
    • Add an "always day" and "always night" command
    Comment if you have a suggestion

Recent Updates

  1. Improve compatibility
  2. Improve compatibility