CT-Core 3.0.8

Required library for my plugins

  1. crysis992
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    CT-Core is a library which is required for all of my plugins to run. If you don't install this, some of your installed plugins will most likely not work at all.

    The current version is for spigot 1.13.1 (No backward compatibility)

    This plugin does nothing on its own! So it is useless if you don't run a plugin which requires this library.

    Some features:

    • A lot of util classes
    • Inventory GUI
    • a simple annotation based command framework
    • Prefix/Suffix API via packets
    • LanguageAPI to translate ItemStacks/EntityTypes/Enchantments to a readable String from a configured language file (a language file that is also used by the client)
    • Simple redis based server<-> server communication via json messages inside a bungeecord network
    • BungeeCord compatibility
    • Some useful libs shaded like HikariCP, Apache Commons, Parsiii and more to make some features comaptible on a BungeeCord Server
    • ItemBuilder to create Itemstacks easy & fast
    • and more...

    If you're a developer:
    Before you ask, no, there is no source code or wiki or JavaDocs available because I'm too lazy to document all the things since its intended for my public & private plugins/requests only.
    If you decide to use it, I'm not going to give any advanced support or explanations/tutorials on how to use it.

    Plugins depending on it:

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