CT-Core 2.0.6

Required library for my plugins

  1. Small Bugfix

    Fixed a IllegalArgumentException when multiple commands register the same permssion node during plugin startup.
  2. Implemented Update Notifications

    Implemented the SpiGet update notification.
    Operators and players with the permission ct.update.notice will now be informed about updates when they join the server.
    It does not automatically download them!

    To reduce update checking requests, this plugin will just perform a check during the server start, never during the runtime like many other plugins. This will never impact the server performance.
  3. Added new Util classes

    Implemented new UtilClasses which are required for RegionGUI
  4. Fixed WorldGuard Hooks

    There was a issue that stopped the worldguard teleport related flags such as enderpearl from working.
  5. Bugfixes

    • Fixed registering multiple commands with the same permission node
  6. Fixed Inventory Menu API

    This is a Bugfix update that fixes the broken Inventory Menus from the last major update.
    It is advised to update to this version as soon as possible!
  7. Implemented Devin Command framework and WG region events

    Important note:
    This update changes the packages! All plugins that depend on this API must be updated to work.

    • Implemented Devin Commandframework
    • Implemented WorldGuard Region Events
    • Fixed & optimized some utillity classes
  8. Added 1.12 support

    This is just a compatibility update that adds support for 1.12 servers.
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  9. Updated to 1.12-Pre2

    Updated to 1.12-Pre2. This version "should" work on all versions from 1.9.0 to 1.12-pre2.

    • Updated Item/Enchantment language helper to contain all new Items/Blocks/Enchantments/Mobs from 1.10 & 1.11.
    • Fixed several bugs in the InventoryMenu API
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  10. It's now compatible with 1.9.x - 1.11.x

    • No bigger changes, you just no longer have to look for the correct version. The API is now compatible with 1.9.x, 1.10.x and 1.11.x and all plugins depending on it are too.