CTParticles 0.5.3

Particles, Auras, and Halos; Oh my!

  1. CTMiner
    This was mainly for me to learn how to use particles.
    Code (pre-0.40 - need to get a better way to do git as it'll completely freeze my workspace): https://github.com/scienceguru1/CTParticles
    This is a WIP. Also, note that some particles are disabled by default (set to false rather than op in the plugin.yml. This is generally either because the particle doesn't work for some reason, or it doesn't work very well/practically (like explosion)).
    Particle names (and notes about them (does not appear is bug maybe? idk)):
    • hugeexplosion (does not appear)
    • largeexplode (does not appear)
    • fireworksSpark
    • bubble (only works underwater)
    • suspend (does not appear)
    • depthSuspend (only appears underwater and near the void, and barely noticeable)
    • townaura
    • crit
    • magicCrit
    • mobSpell
    • mobSpellAmbient
    • spell
    • witchMagic
    • note
    • portal
    • enchantmenttable
    • explode
    • flame
    • lava
    • footstep
    • splash
    • largesmoke
    • cloud
    • reddust
    • snowballPoof
    • dripWater
    • dripLava
    • snowshovel
    • slime
    • heart
    • angryVillager
    • happyVillager
    Commands (player):
    /ctp (help): core command. Will be the info bank later on. Has basic help info.
    /aura [help/clear/remove/particle name] [opt: speed] [opt: amount]
    /halo [help/clear/remove/particle name] [speed/data]
    /ctp range [clear/#]
    Tip: Range between halo and the player is 3

    Commands (console):
    /ctp debug: see the loaded settings (note: things don't show if they aren't set)

    Known issues:
    • Range command integer checking dropping errors. Can just continue on regularly using correct syntax. May be an issue for other commands too.

    Note: In the image the particles are '/halo flame' and '/aura enchantmenttable 1 5'

Recent Reviews

  1. Wrenn
    Version: 0.4.4
    Does what it says.
  2. FrostedSnowman
    Version: 0.4.1
  3. ZeaL_BG
    Version: 0.3.12
    Really good plugin. I use it with chest commands to create custom trails for my lobby like show cloud. Update it to 1.8 soon! :)
    1. CTMiner
      Author's Response
      I have to track down a 1.8 version of the lib I was using or use another. I've been rewriting it, but at the moment I'm busy with school. Will keep in mind to do though.
  4. Siceth
    Version: 0.3.12
    It's actually pretty cool, but the 4 stars is from the minor errors. What I would find useful is if you could store particles so that when you log off and back on, you still have the last set of particles - to make Staff look fancy :P
    1. CTMiner
      Author's Response
      I had that originally, but when you rejoined it would kick you with an error with ReflectionUtils (which isn't my code and I haven't really messed with).