CubedPay 0.4.2

Modernize the checkout experience for your customers and increase conversions.

  1. Bugfix Release

    FIXED: Fix field name in a few classes due to java keyword conflicts
  2. Bugfix Release

    FIXED: Fixed field names in the ShopPackage class
  3. Private Beta - 0.4 Release

    This is the last java release before our public beta launch! Read more here.

    This is a major refactor to the library in terms of API usage and object fields, please take care when updating that you are using the correct objects and methods. If you need any assistance when updating please don't hesitate to contact us.

    • MAJOR The CubedPayAPI...
  4. Private Beta v0.3.1 Release

    • CHANGE: Order object getTransaction() now returns a transaction object. This object contains a lot of data like if a user refunded. And now includes the the payment object too!
    • CHANGE: Added getIcon() and getDescription() to the Item object. getQuantity() returns a integer instead of a int.
  5. CubedPay OAuth Support

    • CHANGE: OAuth endpoints and methods changed to reflect the api changes. getAccessToken()changed to exchangeOAuthForToken(). refreshOAuth() now takes a refresh token. getAccessToken() removed.
    • CHANGE: LoginUser now contains getExpiresIn(). getStatus() is now a int. getGrantedScopes() changed to getScopes() and returns a map.
    • CHANGE: getShops() now returns a Shops class.
    • CHANGE: Transformer now has a easy way to access the response body value for...
  6. Private Beta v0.2 Release

    • NEW: Store logo is now retrievable for usage in remote applications from any shop instance. getLogo()
    • NEW: Ability to retrieve the current shop from an Order object. getShop()
    • NEW: Payments now hold the profile that the customer selected to use at checkout. getProfile()
    • CHANGE: amount within a Payment is now an double, as opposed to a String. This value will represent the total order value in cents.
    • NEW: Ability to get the default game...