CubedPay 0.6.3

Modernize the checkout experience for your customers and increase conversions.

  1. Add new ShopSidebarModule types

    NEW Added three new ShopSidebarModule types: RECENT_PURCHASE, TOP_PURCHASER, and MOST_POPULAR
  2. Add page vanity urls/slugs

    NEW Added method getSlug() to the ShopPage object, which returns the page's vanity URL (if applicable).

    CHANGE CubedPayShopAPI.createPage() and CubedPayShopAPI.updatePage() now require an additional parameter for the page's vanity URL.
  3. ShopPage Fixes

    • CHANGE ShopPages will now be loaded properly. The getMeta() method will now return a String instead of ShopPage.Meta.
    • CHANGE The CubedPayShopAPI.createShopPage() and CubedPayShopAPI.updateShopPage() now require a String in their meta fields.
  4. Update for templates, shop assets, and the four-day release streak

    We have quite the release for you all today!

    • NEW Added ShopPackageCondition for conditional products.
    • NEW Added methods to view and manage package conditions:
    • CubedPayShopAPI.createShopPackageCondition() - Adds a condition to a package
    • CubedPayShopAPI.deleteShopPackageCondition() - Removes a condition from a package
    • CubedPayShopAPI.updateShopPackageCondition() - Updates a package's...
  5. Public Beta - v0.5

    • NEW Added ShopColors object that can be accessed from either the Shop or PublicShop objects. This contains information about our recently-added custom color schemes.
    • NEW Added methods in CubedPayShopAPI for ShopColors: getShopColors, setShopColors, createShopColors, and updateShopColors.
    • NEW Added getCustomUrl() to the Shop and PublicShop objects, which...
  6. 0.4.6 Release

    • CHANGE We now have an official plugin for BungeeCord that allows for easy integration of the CubedPay API into your BungeeCord plugins!
    • CHANGE getProfile() in Transaction now returns a UserProfile object.
    • CHANGE Added comments to the Minecraft: Java Edition plugin configurations.
    • CHANGE Added the Currency object that can currently be used to determine a Shop's currency with the newly-added getCurrency() method.
    • FIX ShopPackageRefs will...
  7. 0.4.5 Release

    • CHANGE Add executeTransaction() to the shop api.
    • FIX Change id to package in Item. This fixes item creation for transactions. Deprecated getId()and added getPackage() in Item to reflect these changes.
    You can download the new bukkit/sponge version of the plugin above!
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  8. Profile now accessible from Transaction

    • You can now access the selected user Profile from the Transaction object.
  9. Bugfix Release

    FIXED: Fix field name in a few classes due to java keyword conflicts
  10. Bugfix Release

    FIXED: Fixed field names in the ShopPackage class