CubedPay 0.3.1

Modernize the checkout experience for your customers and increase conversions.

  1. Private Beta v0.3.1 Release

    • CHANGE: Order object getTransaction() now returns a transaction object. This object contains a lot of data like if a user refunded. And now includes the the payment object too!
    • CHANGE: Added getIcon() and getDescription() to the Item object. getQuantity() returns a integer instead of a int.
  2. CubedPay OAuth Support

    • CHANGE: OAuth endpoints and methods changed to reflect the api changes. getAccessToken()changed to exchangeOAuthForToken(). refreshOAuth() now takes a refresh token. getAccessToken() removed.
    • CHANGE: LoginUser now contains getExpiresIn(). getStatus() is now a int. getGrantedScopes() changed to getScopes() and returns a map.
    • CHANGE: getShops() now returns a Shops class.
    • CHANGE: Transformer now has a easy way to access the response body value for...
  3. Private Beta v0.2 Release

    • NEW: Store logo is now retrievable for usage in remote applications from any shop instance. getLogo()
    • NEW: Ability to retrieve the current shop from an Order object. getShop()
    • NEW: Payments now hold the profile that the customer selected to use at checkout. getProfile()
    • CHANGE: amount within a Payment is now an double, as opposed to a String. This value will represent the total order value in cents.
    • NEW: Ability to get the default game...