Cuffs 1.8

Allows you to 'handcuff' players and transport them around on a leash

  1. simplerocks
    Simplerocks aka Simpz
    What it does:
    Allows players with a blaze rod named "Cuffs", to rightclick players and imprison them (make them a prisoner) of them. The 'Prisoner' will be flung towards the 'Guard' whever they decide to.


    • Download Plugin
    • Add to Plugins Folder
    • Start up Server
    • You are Done!

    How to use:
    To obtain a Cuff utilise /cuffs <playername>. This command can be
    performed in console as well (perfect for a buycraft item...)
    Once a player has a cuff, they can rightclick on any player, as long as thatplayer is not already cuffed!

    Once Cuffed prisoners cannot cuff other players
    (so you cant make a human centipede of cuffings)

    'Guards' can cuff multiple players at once.

    If a guard starts to walk away, and holds the cuffing device, the prisoner will be slowly moved closer (like a vacuum cleaner)

    Guards can not hit Prisoners and Prisoners will not take fall damage when cuffed (as the fall damage deals fall damage from ridiculous low heights :p); however if they try to move will receive slowness and anti jump boost.

    Prisoners on the other hand can hit guards.

    • Prisoners can 'escape' the cuffs through these 3 ways:
    • Disconnection to Guard or Prisoner
    • Death to Guard or Prisoner
    • The Guard leftclicking the air

    Goes Well With:
    Staff that like to treat their players like slaves
    Special Item in Store
    Prison Servers (the warden can direct prisoners to different areas, without the regular lame /tp command)
    Many more

    What to Add:
    Custom Configuration
    Distance Stuff
    Prisoner Overalls
    Clean up the code... a lot... a lot.. so much more, make it pretty again

    The leash breaks if the prisoner gets too far from the guard

    Hope you enjoy!

    I would also rather you dont decompile this plugin, if you need these kinda features just look at this thread:

Recent Reviews

  1. DatUnitato
    Version: 1.8
    Simple & efficient, it just needs to be updated and made compatible with permissions plugins :)

    I would recommand you to download it _
    1. simplerocks
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, will be updated soon just doing my final exams in the coming months so no time! until then