✪ Cuffs,taser,rope depend on players distance,100% costumizable

  1. Gasha
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Gasha , Electro2560
    Now you can cuff,uncuff players depend on players distance, example if you set 5 blocks distance that means player with permission to cuff cannot cuff player if he is not near him(in radius of 5), like in real life..also uncuff,taser and rope..
    very useful for roleplay server, i tested plugin on 1.8.8 and 1.10.2 it works, probably on all versions :)

    Also Rope

    50+ translatable messages (everything translatable)
    example if you are using cops and gangs system
    you can make cuffs and ropes..there is 3 diffrent uncuff command and option, can for example change cuff2 message to "you are being tied with rope" and uncuff3 message to "you untied %player%" that for gangs, and for cops cuff to can example uncuff as Admin, as cop, as regular player..if you need any help feel free to ask in PM..also thanks to Electro2560 the most responsible for creation of this plugin..i invest money in this plugin but i know how long i was looking for cuff plugin so i decide to share with you for free <3 enjoy my brothers

    1. Cuffs (/cuff player - /uncuff player)
    2. Taze people (TASER TASER TASER xD)
    3. Tie-rope players (that is /cuff2 that is similliar to cuff but that is created for gangs like rope message instead of cops to increase roleplay, and you can change message to rope,and make that regular players can untie players that are roped, but not release cuffed players)
    4. Cuffs,Uncuff,Tase..all depend on distance (much more realistic)
    5. Multiple cuffs system, No dependecy,Ultra Lightweight,Source code,Completly Free

    /cuff <-- this is created for cops, regular cuffs (set distance to 5 to be like in real-life)
    /taser <-- This is taser for cops (its like player being shocked-cuffed for few seconds)
    /cuff2 <-- this is rope created for gangs/mafia kidnapping and stealing with rope
    /uncuff <-- this is command to release near player from cuffs, i'm using this is for cops
    /uncuff2 <-- this is command to untie player being tied with rope, i'm using this for gangs
    /uncuff3 <-- this is command is created to be set for staff team you can uncuff-untie everyone no matter what distance
    /cuffedlist <-- this is command to see who is cuffed or tied


    - 'broadcast %player% left server while being cuffed'
    - 'msg %player% You left server while you being cuffed '
    - 'broadcast %player% left server while being tased'
    - 'msg %player% You left server while you being tased'
    - ec
    - enderchest
    - home
    - tpa
    - tpaccept
    - sethome
    - homes
    - tpyes
    - tp
    - heal
    - warp
    - warps
    - ec
    - enderchest
    - home
    - tpa
    - tpaccept
    - tp
    - heal
    - sethome
    - homes
    - tpyes
    - warp
    - warps
    max-cuff-distance: 5
    max-uncuff-distance: 5
    max-uncuff2-distance: 5
    max-taser-distance: 5
    taser-time: 10

    no-permission: '&cNo permission.'
    cuffed-player-1: '&cYou have cuffed %player%.'
    cuffed-player-2: '&cYou have cuffed2 %player%.'
    has-been-cuffed-1: '&aYou have been cuffed.'
    has-been-cuffed-2: '&aYou have been cuffed2.'
    has-been-tasered: '&aYou are being tasered.'
    tasered-player: '&cYou are tasering %player%.'
    cannot-used-command-while-cuffed: '&cYou cannot use that command while cuffed.'
    cannot-used-command-while-tasered: '&cYou cannot use that command while tasered.'
    not-found: '&cCould not find player %player%.'
    must-be-player: '&cYou must be a player to use this command.'
    cuff-usage-1: '&cCorrect usage: /cuff [Player]'
    cuff-usage-2: '&cCorrect usage: /cuff2 [Player]'
    already-cuffed-1: '&c%player% is already cuffed.'
    already-cuffed-2: '&c%player% is already cuffed.'
    cuffed-left: '&cThe cuffed player %player% has left!'
    tasered-left: '&cThe tasered player %player% has left!'
    too-far-away-cuff-1: '&c%player% is too far away to be cuffed!'
    too-far-away-cuff-2: '&c%player% is too far away to be cuffed!'
    too-far-away-uncuff-1: '&c%player% is too far away to be uncuffed!'
    too-far-away-uncuff-2: '&c%player% is too far away to be uncuffed!'
    too-far-away-uncuff-3: '&c%player% is too far away to be uncuffed!'
    not-same-world: '&c%player% is in a different world!'
    uncuff-usage-1: '&cCorrect usage: /uncuff [Player]'
    uncuff-usage-2: '&cCorrect usage: /uncuff2 [Player]'
    uncuff-usage-3: '&cCorrect usage: /uncuff3 [Player]'
    not-cuffed-1: '&cThe player %player% is not cuffed.'
    not-cuffed-2: '&cThe player %player% is not cuffed.'
    not-cuffed-3: '&cThe player %player% is not cuffed.'
    uncuffed-player-1: '&cYou have uncuffed %player%.'
    uncuffed-player-2: '&cYou have uncuffed %player%.'
    uncuffed-player-3: '&cYou have uncuffed %player%.'
    has-been-uncuffed-1: '&aYou have been uncuffed.'
    has-been-uncuffed-2: '&aYou have been uncuffed.'
    has-been-uncuffed-3: '&aYou have been uncuffed.'
    cannot-cuff-self-1: '&cYou cannot cuff yourself.'
    cannot-cuff-self-2: '&cYou cannot cuff2 yourself.'
    cannon-cuff-1: '&cYou cannot cuff %player%. They bypass it.'
    cannon-cuff-2: '&cYou cannot cuff2 %player%. They bypass it.'
    cuff-list: |-
    &a&lCuff List:
    taser-usage: '&cCorrect usage: /taser [Player]'
    cannot-taser-self: '&cYou cannot taser yourself.'
    too-far-away-taser: '&c%player% is too far away to be tasered!'
    cannot-taser: '&cYou cannot taser %player%. They bypass it.'
    already-tasered: '&c%player% is already being tasered.'
    stopped-taser: '&aYou have stopped tasering %player%'
    has-been-untasered: '&aYou are no longer being tasered.'
    cop-left-cuffed: '&cYou are no longer cuffed because the cop has left.'
    cop-left-tasered: '&cYou are no longer being tasered because the cop has left.'

    Everything is costumizable and finished, which means plugins don't need future updates, but i still give you source code of cuffs plugin, if you want to edit or add something by yourself feel free to use source code
    if you have any questions contact me on PM or skype zekino_mudo <3

    If you are very satisfied with this plugin and you decide to be my special friend and buy me a coffee that will keep me working on upgrading plugin more and more all the time <3

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    1. Gasha
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot bro, randy is the boss <3 'i thought this was america'
  7. DarkRaptor334
    Version: ❤
    Wow this is very nice plugin for server like GTA
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  8. MyNameIsEarnie9
    Version: 2017-07-18
    Amazing Plugin
    i tested it on 1.10 it works perfect
    best cuff plugin by far and its free, thanks
    1. Gasha
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot, I'm glad you like it..if you have any questions feel free to contact me on PM or skype zekino_mudo for instant support <3