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MySQL Currencies!

  1. jujuhatesyou
    Currency API
    This plugin is only useful for developers, this plugin does nothing on its own. This resource uses MySQL to store the player's currency so be sure to have a MySQL server when using this.

    Plugins Using this API: Bounty

    Code (Text):

    Code (Text):
    API.addCurrency(player, amount);

    Code (Text):
    API.removeCurrency(player, amount);

    Code (Text):
    API.setCurrency(player, amount);
    All of the methods above should be self explanatory for what they do.

    This plugin has a Join Event made inside of it which adds the player to the MySQL table.

    This below is the config, make sure you change the details to your MySQL Server Details.

    Code (Text):

    #Default MySQL Config! WARNING DONT DELETE ANY OF THESE SECTIONS! If you dont have a password replace "password" with ''
        Hostname: localhost
        Port: 3306
        Database: Server
        Username: root
        Password: password
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  1. Mert1602
    Version: 1.0
    Nice :D
    Excellent API and super easy.
    Good work dude!
    1. jujuhatesyou
      Author's Response
      Thanks Bud ;D