CurrencyAPI [Discontinued] 1.3

Provides a database to store, modify and call a players balance

  1. Major Fix & API Changes


    • Spigot Version resets the Player balance on join to 0
    • API Changes due to Caching
    Apparently because of the recent update to cache the balance internal the usage of the API got changed!

    The new Way of getting the API instance is as follows:

    Code (Java):
    CurrencyAPI currencyAPI = SpigotCurrency.getInstance().getCurrencyAPI();

    CurrencyAPI currencyAPI = BungeeCurrency.getInstance().getCurrencyAPI();
    Depending on what runtime your using BungeeCord or Spigot you must use it this way! If you do it the old way by creating a new instance the values will be messed up because they are not synchron.
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