CurrencyAPI [Discontinued] 1.3

Provides a database to store, modify and call a players balance

  1. Major Fix & API Changes


    • Spigot Version resets the Player balance on join to 0
    • API Changes due to Caching
    Apparently because of the recent update to cache the balance internal the usage of the API got changed!

    The new Way of getting the API instance is as follows:

    Code (Java):
    CurrencyAPI currencyAPI = SpigotCurrency.getInstance().getCurrencyAPI();

    CurrencyAPI currencyAPI = BungeeCurrency.getInstance().getCurrencyAPI();
    Depending on what runtime your using...
  2. Major Fixes


    • Error when using /currency command with offline players
    • Typos in /currency
    • TabComplete (alltrough the new tabcomplete system 1.13 is amazing so i gave it a try xD)
    • Updated
  3. Little Fixes

    • Typo Fix in Help Message(Spigot)
    • argument length was wrong in the spigot currency command
    Version keeps same because no major update!
  4. 1.13 compatible


    • checked for 1.13 compability
    Plugin works like a charm with 1.8 up to 1.13 :D
  5. Caching database entries & Fixed some errors/misspellings

    - Added caching for the balance of a player
    - Corrected color code in a help message
    - Updated Maven Repo to 1.1

    Thanks to @HAlex for the suggestion to make it cache the balance.

    The methods of the API got reworked but still work the same way.
    Only updates still will be triggering a SQL Statement so the database can keep up. If the server would crash without the steady updates the could be data loss. Thats why i keept it that way :D
  6. Added Maven Repository

    Hosted my own Repository Server now you can use the API even easier xD

    Maven Repository:

    Code (Text):
    Code (Text):