CursedVIP | Vip management 1.2.4

A plugin to manage Vip groups on your server

  1. Aneryan
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Aneryan (newbie029)

    CursedVIP is a simple VIP management plugin to helps server admin to manage VIP Ranks easily.

    - Easy VIP management (give, remove, change days and addvip)
    - Easy VIP Key management.
    - Player can have more than 1 VIP Group.
    - MySQL and Flatfile storage support.
    - Full UUID Support.
    - Configurable Strings.
    - Lightweight.
    - Easy configuration.
    - etc.

    Command and Permissions
    Command : /cursedvip
    Alias : [/cv, /vip, /vips]
    Description : Main command.
    * Alias of this command apply to subcommands
    * example for newkey : /cv nk VIP1 Neyr or /vip nk VIP1 Neyr

    User commands
    Command : /usekey <key>
    Description : Use a VIP key.
    Permission : cursedvip.usekey

    Command : /viptime
    Description : Shows the expiration date of VIP.
    Permission : cursedvip.viptime

    Command : /changevip <group>
    Description : Change your active VIP group.
    Permission : cursedvip.changevip

    Admin Commands
    Command : /cursedvip newkey <group> <days>
    Alias : /cursedvip nk <group> <days>
    Description : Creates a new key with x days.
    Permission : cursedvip.newkey

    Command : /cursedvip keys
    Aliases : [/cursedvip k, /cursedvip key]
    Description : View the existing keys.
    Permission : cursedvip.keys

    Command : /cursedvip delkeys
    Alias : /cursedvip dks
    Description : Delete all keys.
    Permission : cursedvip.delkeys

    Command : /cursedvip delkey <key>
    Alias : /cursedvip dk <key>
    Description : Delete one key.
    Permission : cursedvip.delkey

    Command : /cursedvip remove <name> [group]
    Alias : [/cursedvip r <name> [group], /cursedvip rm <name> [group]
    *[group] is optional
    Description : Remove VIPs from player.
    Permission : cursedvip.removevip

    Command : /cursedvip changedays <name> <group> <days>
    Alias : /cursedvip cd <name> <group> <days>
    Description : Change the days of a VIP.
    Permission : cursedvip.changedays

    Command : /cursedvip info <name>
    Alias : /cursedvip i <name>
    Description : See the information of a VIP.
    Permission :

    Command : /cursedvip give <name> <group> <days>
    Alias : /cursedvip g <name> <group> <days>
    Description : Give VIP to a player.
    Permission : cursedvip.givevip

    Command : /cursedvip add <group> <days>
    Alias : /cursedvip a <group> <days>
    Description : Add more days to all players of a group.
    Permission : cursedvip.addvip


    Command : /cursedvip resetcooldown <username>
    Alias : [/cursedvip resetcd <username>, /cursedvip rcooldown <username>, /cursedvip rcd <username>]
    Description : Reset player changevip cooldown.
    Permission : cursedvip.resetcooldown

    Command : /cursedvip help
    Alias : /cursedvip h
    Description : Show the plugin commands.
    Permission :

    Command : /cursedvip reload
    Description : Reload config and language files
    Permission : cursedvip.reload

    Permissions group
    - cursedvip.usekey
    - cursedvip.changevip
    - cursedvip.viptime

    - cursedvip.newkey
    - cursedvip.keys
    - cursedvip.delkeys
    - cursedvip.delkey
    - cursedvip.remove
    - cursedvip.changedays
    - cursedvip.seedays
    - cursedvip.givevip
    - cursedvip.addvip
    - cursedvip.changebypass (to bypass /changevip cooldown)
    - cursedvip.resetcooldown
    - cursedvip.reload

    1. Download this resource
    2. Put the .jar file on your /plugins folder
    3. Restart or reload your server
    4. Put your Vip groups on the config
    5. Restart or reload your server

    - Vault (You need to install Vault to make this plugin work)
    - Permission Manager with Vault Support (tested PermissionEX and LuckPerms)
    - PlaceholderAPI (softdepends)

    Default Config and Explanation
    Code (YAML):

    #                     ABOUT THIS PLUGIN                     #

    # CursedVIP by Aneryan (newbie029)

    #                                                           #

    # Plugin prefix
    : "&f[&6CursedVIP&f] "
    # This contain MySQL Connection settings
     # enable or disable MySQL Storage
    : false
      # Database host address
      # Database port
    : 3306
      # Connect to MySQL database over SSL
    : false
      # Username to connect to the MySQL database
    : mc
      # Password to connect to the MySQL database
    : '123'
      # Database Name
    : minecraft
    # Language file
    : en
    # VIP key length
    : 10
    # Set VIP group to the newest acquired VIP
    : true
    # Broadcast for /usekey and /givevip
    : true
    # Remove VIP if the player dont have CursedVIP VIPs
    : true
    # Player checking time, in minutes
    : 10
    # Limit /CmdChangeVip with cooldown?
    : true
    # /CmdChangeVip cooldown, in minutes (default : 1440 = 1 day)
    : 1440
    # Logging
     # Log /usekey?
    : true
    # Define your VIP Groups
    - vip1
    - vip2
    - vip3
    - vvip
    - vvip+
    # Player group will be set to default_group on VIP expire or removal
    : member
    vip_expired: 'Your time with &6%group%&f expired'
    days_with_vip: 'days with VIP'
    vip_time: 'VIP Informations'
    days: 'days'
    list_keys: 'List of keys'
    the: 'The'
    name: 'name'
    removed_vip: 'Admin &c%admin%&f removed your VIPs'
    console_removed_vip: 'Removed VIPs from &c%name%&f'
    changed_days: 'Admin &c%admin%&f changed your &6%group%&f to &9%days%&f days'
    console_changed_days: 'Changed &6%group%&f of &c%name%&f to &9%days%&f days'
    group: 'group'
    reload: 'Config reloaded'
    initial_date: 'Initial date'
    days_left: 'Days left'
    added_vip: 'Added &9%days%&f days to all from group &6%group%&f'
    deleted_all_keys: 'All keys deleted'
    vip_acquired: 'Acquired &6%group%&f with &9%days%&f days successfully'
    vip_acquired_broadcast: '&c%name%&f acquired his &6%group%&f for &9%days%&f days successfully'
    group_changed: 'VIP group changed'
    key_deleted: 'Key &d%key%&f deleted'
    gived_vip: 'Added &9%days%&f days of &6%group%&f to &c%name%&f'
    error_day0: 'The days need to be more than 0'
    error_number: '<days> need to be a number'
    no_keys_found: 'No keys found'
    no_keys_found_create: 'No keys found, create with /cursedvip newkey'
    key_not_found: 'Key not found'
    player_not_vip: 'You are not a VIP'
    player_not_found: 'Player not found'
    group_not_found: 'Group not found'
    not_vip: 'is not a VIP'
    changevip_cooldown: 'You need to wait %cooldown% to change your VIP'
    no_permission: 'You dont have permission'
    no_vip_type: 'You dont have this type of VIP'
    code_being_process: 'This code is being processed'
    no_console_command: 'You cannot use this command from console'
    error_group_same: 'You cannot change your VIP to your current VIP group'
    hours : 'hour(s)'
    mintues : 'minute(s)'
    and: 'and'
    cooldown_reset: 'Removed ChangeVIP cooldown from &c%name%&f'
    cooldown_not_found: '&c%name%&f is not in ChangeVIP cooldown'

    PlaceholderAPI by Clip placeholders:

    Servers using this plugin
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    • You may distribute this plugin as long as the download link stays on this page!
    • You may not copy/rename/decompile this code.

    Don't report bug on the review section, you will be ignored!
    Report bug here

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  2. cuong0175t
    Version: 1.2.3
    For example I have
    VIP 1 one day
    and VIP 2 one day
    Which VIP will it use first?
    I'am hope to hear from you
    The plugin is very easy to use
    1. Aneryan
      Author's Response
      It will use the last vip you obtain, you can disable this on the config(set_vip_on_acquire).
      If you set set_vip_on_acquire to false, you will be still on your current vip rank when you obtain a new one.
  3. RiichiRusdiana
    Version: 1.1.4
    Nice and neat plugin, simple and straight to the point documentation.

    Waiting for your next update.
    1. Aneryan
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  4. AkuaFite
    Version: 1.1.4
    Really good plugin! I have ever wanted to have it on my server. I'm still wainting for next upgrades. Thanks!
    1. Aneryan
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  5. alafnz
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    Good plugin, very helped manage VIP members.....

    i will wait next update, thanks
    1. Aneryan
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  6. Sherineko
    Version: 1.1.0
    Great plugin! Simple to understand and a perfect plugin for my server! Would highly recommend.
    1. Aneryan
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review