CursedVIP | Vip management 1.2.3

A plugin to manage Vip groups on your server

  1. Aneryan
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Aneryan (newbie029)

    CursedVIP is a simple VIP management plugin to helps server admin to manage VIP Ranks easily.

    - Easy VIP management (give, remove, change days and addvip)
    - Easy VIP Key management.
    - Player can have more than 1 VIP Group.
    - MySQL and Flatfile storage support.
    - Full UUID Support.
    - Configurable Strings.
    - Lightweight.
    - Easy configuration.
    - etc.

    Command and Permissions
    Command : /cursedvip
    Alias : [/cv, /vip, /vips]
    Description : Main command.
    * Alias of this command apply to subcommands
    * example for newkey : /cv nk VIP1 Neyr or /vip nk VIP1 Neyr

    User commands
    Command : /usekey <key>
    Description : Use a VIP key.
    Permission : cursedvip.usekey

    Command : /viptime
    Description : Shows the expiration date of VIP.
    Permission : cursedvip.viptime

    Command : /changevip <group>
    Description : Change your active VIP group.
    Permission : cursedvip.changevip

    Admin Commands
    Command : /cursedvip newkey <group> <days>
    Alias : /cursedvip nk <group> <days>
    Description : Creates a new key with x days.
    Permission : cursedvip.newkey

    Command : /cursedvip keys
    Aliases : [/cursedvip k, /cursedvip key]
    Description : View the existing keys.
    Permission : cursedvip.keys

    Command : /cursedvip delkeys
    Alias : /cursedvip dks
    Description : Delete all keys.
    Permission : cursedvip.delkeys

    Command : /cursedvip delkey <key>
    Alias : /cursedvip dk <key>
    Description : Delete one key.
    Permission : cursedvip.delkey

    Command : /cursedvip remove <name>
    Alias : [/cursedvip r <name>, /cursedvip rm <name>]
    Description : Remove VIPs from player.
    Permission : cursedvip.removevip

    Command : /cursedvip changedays <name> <group> <days>
    Alias : /cursedvip cd <name> <group> <days>
    Description : Change the days of a VIP.
    Permission : cursedvip.changedays

    Command : /cursedvip info <name>
    Alias : /cursedvip i <name>
    Description : See the information of a VIP.
    Permission :

    Command : /cursedvip give <name> <group> <days>
    Alias : /cursedvip g <name> <group> <days>
    Description : Give VIP to a player.
    Permission : cursedvip.givevip

    Command : /cursedvip add <group> <days>
    Alias : /cursedvip a <group> <days>
    Description : Add more days to all players of a group.
    Permission : cursedvip.addvip


    Command : /cursedvip resetcooldown <username>
    Alias : [/cursedvip resetcd <username>, /cursedvip rcooldown <username>, /cursedvip rcd <username>]
    Description : Reset player changevip cooldown.
    Permission : cursedvip.resetcooldown

    Command : /cursedvip help
    Alias : /cursedvip h
    Description : Show the plugin commands.
    Permission :

    Command : /cursedvip reload
    Description : Reload config and language files
    Permission : cursedvip.reload

    Permissions group
    - cursedvip.usekey
    - cursedvip.changevip
    - cursedvip.viptime

    - cursedvip.newkey
    - cursedvip.keys
    - cursedvip.delkeys
    - cursedvip.delkey
    - cursedvip.remove
    - cursedvip.changedays
    - cursedvip.seedays
    - cursedvip.givevip
    - cursedvip.addvip
    - cursedvip.changebypass (to bypass /changevip cooldown)
    - cursedvip.resetcooldown
    - cursedvip.reload

    1. Download this resource
    2. Put the .jar file on your /plugins folder
    3. Restart or reload your server
    4. Put your Vip groups on the config
    5. Restart or reload your server

    - Vault (You need to install Vault to make this plugin work)
    - Permission Manager with Vault Support (tested PermissionEX and LuckPerms)
    - PlaceholderAPI (softdepends)

    Default Config and Explanation
    Code (YAML):

    #                     ABOUT THIS PLUGIN                     #

    # CursedVIP by Aneryan (newbie029)

    #                                                           #

    # Plugin prefix
    : "&f[&6CursedVIP&f] "
    # This contain MySQL Connection settings
     # enable or disable MySQL Storage
    : false
      # Database host address
      # Database port
    : 3306
      # Connect to MySQL database over SSL
    : false
      # Username to connect to the MySQL database
    : mc
      # Password to connect to the MySQL database
    : '123'
      # Database Name
    : minecraft
    # Language file
    : en
    # VIP key length
    : 10
    # Set VIP group to the newest acquired VIP
    : true
    # Broadcast for /usekey and /givevip
    : true
    # Remove VIP if the player dont have CursedVIP VIPs
    : true
    # Player checking time, in minutes
    : 10
    # Limit /CmdChangeVip with cooldown?
    : true
    # /CmdChangeVip cooldown, in minutes (default : 1440 = 1 day)
    : 1440
    # Logging
     # Log /usekey?
    : true
    # Define your VIP Groups
    - vip1
    - vip2
    - vip3
    - vvip
    - vvip+
    # Player group will be set to default_group on VIP expire or removal
    : member
    vip_expired: 'Your time with &6%group%&f expired'
    days_with_vip: 'days with VIP'
    vip_time: 'VIP Informations'
    days: 'days'
    list_keys: 'List of keys'
    the: 'The'
    name: 'name'
    removed_vip: 'Admin &c%admin%&f removed your VIPs'
    console_removed_vip: 'Removed VIPs from &c%name%&f'
    changed_days: 'Admin &c%admin%&f changed your &6%group%&f to &9%days%&f days'
    console_changed_days: 'Changed &6%group%&f of &c%name%&f to &9%days%&f days'
    group: 'group'
    reload: 'Config reloaded'
    initial_date: 'Initial date'
    days_left: 'Days left'
    added_vip: 'Added &9%days%&f days to all from group &6%group%&f'
    deleted_all_keys: 'All keys deleted'
    vip_acquired: 'Acquired &6%group%&f with &9%days%&f days successfully'
    vip_acquired_broadcast: '&c%name%&f acquired his &6%group%&f for &9%days%&f days successfully'
    group_changed: 'VIP group changed'
    key_deleted: 'Key &d%key%&f deleted'
    gived_vip: 'Added &9%days%&f days of &6%group%&f to &c%name%&f'
    error_day0: 'The days need to be more than 0'
    error_number: '<days> need to be a number'
    no_keys_found: 'No keys found'
    no_keys_found_create: 'No keys found, create with /cursedvip newkey'
    key_not_found: 'Key not found'
    player_not_vip: 'You are not a VIP'
    player_not_found: 'Player not found'
    group_not_found: 'Group not found'
    not_vip: 'is not a VIP'
    changevip_cooldown: 'You need to wait %cooldown% to change your VIP'
    no_permission: 'You dont have permission'
    no_vip_type: 'You dont have this type of VIP'
    code_being_process: 'This code is being processed'
    no_console_command: 'You cannot use this command from console'
    error_group_same: 'You cannot change your VIP to your current VIP group'
    hours : 'hour(s)'
    mintues : 'minute(s)'
    and: 'and'
    cooldown_reset: 'Removed ChangeVIP cooldown from &c%name%&f'
    cooldown_not_found: '&c%name%&f is not in ChangeVIP cooldown'

    PlaceholderAPI by Clip placeholders:

    Servers using this plugin
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    • You may distribute this plugin as long as the download link stays on this page!
    • You may not copy/rename/decompile this code.

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