CursedVIP | Vip management 1.2.4

A plugin to manage Vip groups on your server

  1. v1.2.4

    - MySQL Thread recode
    - Vip Give recode
    - New command to remove specific vip rank from the player (/cv r username group)

    Due to API changes, 1.8 - 1.12 support not tested yet
    If you're from version lower than v1.2.0, update to v1.2.0 first
  2. v1.2.3

    - Code optimization (Small performance improvement)
    - Removed some old updater (If you're from version lower than v1.2.0, update to v1.2.0 first)
  3. v1.2.1

    - Fixed high MySQL usage in some cases.
    - Removed initial_date, now only use it for calculating task.
  4. v1.2.0 New Commands

    - New command system
    - Command aliases
    - Improved plugin performance
    - Clean some code

    I would like to welcome if someone want to make a better icon for this plugin.
  5. v1.1.11

    - Added "/cursedvip resetcooldown <username>" command to reset player changevip cooldown. Check plugin page for more information.
  6. v1.1.10

    - Fixed /changevip bug after connection fix
  7. v1.1.9

    - Fixed "MySQL Connection wont close" bug
    - Fixed resource usage leak
    * I highly recommend you to update to this version.
  8. v1.1.8

    - You can now change the plugin prefix
    - New permission cursedvip.changebypass to bypass /changevip cooldown
    - Code cleanup
    - Removed "Version" string from the lang file
  9. v1.1.7

    - Removed config "one_change_per_day"
    - Removed config "case_sensitive_for_flatfile"
    - Added config "limit_changevip"
    - Added config "changevip_cooldown". for usage instruction, check config explanation on the plugin page
    - Fix language files typos.
    - Now you can define your own changevip cooldown, this will reset your cursedvip_changes MySQL table.
    - The new changevip_cooldown will sync across your servers (only if MySQL enabled)
    - Added new line to language_en.yml
    - Fixed /changevip to...
  10. v1.1.6

    - Now CursedVIP will support placeholders on future release of PlaceholderAPI

    *Sorry for spamming updates, I have many plans for this plugin
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