Custom Enchantments - 1.0 2016-01-08

Ever needed a easy custom enchantment plugin? Well ya found one.

  1. Kryptum
    Hello there, I assume you came to this page, assuming its a bad custom enchantment plugin, but Interestingly It is not, Though It is 1.0 May be buggy very much so, But the enchantments work fine.

    I have found very little amount's of bugs, If you do Find one Please Put it in the "Discussion Area"

    There Are so far no video's made, though I will be uploading one soon!

    1. Download the Custom Enchantments - 1.0.jar
    2. Upload the Custom Enchantments - 1.0.jar Into you're Plugins Directory
    3. Restart You're Server.
    4. You're Done!

Recent Reviews

  1. MCMatters
    Version: 2016-01-08
    Does nothing. Make better docs please. It will be good if it works properly. And make a description how it works on the page.
    1. Kryptum
      Author's Response
      Which bukkit or spigot version are you using to run this on?
  2. HeroHunter911
    Version: 2016-01-08
    Does nothing? Please fix all the bugs, then say what the enchants are! No config file is created either. Ill rate better when the plugin does something.
  3. ColbyBeeBoy
    Version: 2016-01-08
    It does not show up in plugins list does not work? make it work then give a list of enchantments on spigot page and show commands then it will be good!