Custom Enchantments 2.4c

A plugin that adds various new, unique Enchantments and special Items.

  1. Taiterio
    This plugin adds a whole bunch of awesome new enchantments and Items that are independent of the vanilla Minecraft Enchantment system.

    For more information on the plugin, head to the plugin's official Bukkit page. There you can also find a full list of Enchantments and Items, an explanation of the config entries and more.

Recent Reviews

  1. FreaknoYT
    Version: 2.4c
    I do not work the ice aspect. the worldGuard blocks the use of the effect. Please, what is the flag or permission for the Ice aspect to work correctly.
  2. Evisual
    Version: 2.4c
    Amazing plugin dude! I have a few problems and ideas though:
    Is there some way for players to buy their custom enchantments through /ce instead of through signs?
    Also I think the enchantments are really OP I also have another idea for a custom enchant:
    Name: Rage
    What it does: increases damage on players/mobs when you hit them
    It would make grinding xp much quicker also, its really rare to get custom enchantments from enchantment tables so if you could increase the chances that would be great!

    Other than that I think this plugin is amazing! I gave it 5 stars for being really good!
  3. Asura_Prism
    Version: 2.4c
    Hey! man this plugin a 1 enchant not active: Block
    active This when activate it it for not user 1 amount effects
    -_- (active for 1.8)
  4. BlueJ
    Version: 2.4c
    Dude great plugin, only thing is how can I make the Blast III book break a 3x3 not like 4x3 and its just wreally weird. I looked at the config for the book and it looks complicated, thanks!
  5. Tekiad
    Version: 2.4c
    Just beautiful, I love it. If I have to say something I think it's wrong, it's the stats. I mean, not all encants in config have stats to view so you have to test it in game. It's a minor problem, this is a really nice plugin.

    Sorry if I had committed some mistakes, I'm learning English n.n
  6. balker
    Version: 2.4c
    Great plugin BUT, why i can't edit the config.yml? When i edit it,it changes back to the default config.Pls fix it thanks :)
  7. titivermeesch
    Version: 2.4c
    Realy good plugin, I love it. But you should add compatibility with the plugin PrisonMines because that plugin don't detect the blocks that are broken with the explosive enchant. Otherwise realy good plugin. Well done.
  8. Bullmeza667
    Version: 2.4c
    Great Plugin But What Did Do Wrong? I couldn't make the config file work... Is there an error? Thanks Alot!

    This is my pastebin
  9. Takaragomy
    Version: 2.4c
    Nice Plugin, However i dislike the methods of obtaining these enchantments, and volley doesn't work with Power some of the other enchantments also have small problems like that. Works great as an admin tool to play around with though. Also it would be nice if there was a way to filter which enchantments players could use. some are a bit overpowered.
  10. AlexCarroll123
    Version: 2.4c
    I really like this plugin but I am only giving 4 stars because it does not have a DragNDrop enchant feature. It would be cool if you could make it where you put the enchant book on the item in your inventory and it enchants it. PLEASE consider adding this.