Custom Foods // Miden's Foods 0.8.2

Allows you to add custom, eatable foods to your server without mods!

  1. champion12800
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    Miden's Foods (or Custom Foods) is a plugin that allows you to add custom foods to the game that the player actually goes through the eating animation to eat. The plugin also has a very simple config and is extremely lightweight!

    An example resource pack that changes the Texture of toast to look like toast without optifine can be found here (only works on 1.14+)​

    customfoods.commands.reload: Gives access to the /cf reload command

    customfoods.commands.give: Gives access to the /cf give command

    customfoods.commands.create: Gives access to the /cf create command

    customfoods.commands.use: Allows you to use custom foods commands.

    cf reload: Given to operators by default. Reloads the plugin
    Usage: /cf (r/reload)

    cf give: Given to operators by default. Gives a custom food from the plugin (case sensitive)
    Usage: /cf (g/give) <item> [amount]

    cf create: Given to operators by default. Gives a custom food from the plugin (case sensitive)
    Usage: /cf (c/create) [hunger-fill] [saturation]​

    Issues and Features:
    If you are experiencing problem with the plugin or want to report a bug please message me on spigot OR join the discord and ask in the support channel for help. Known bugs and planned features can be found on the trello page.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Fabb_Ex3
    Version: 0.8.2
    Congratulations! Heres your 6 stars! oh wait spigot only allows 5, well then shame on them!
    1. champion12800
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the review! Glad my work was useful.
  2. xlxLoi
    Version: 0.8.2
    This is a great plugin that adds lots of customizability with food to Minecraft. It works even better with a custom resource pack! Author is active and replies on Discord. Looking forward to what more you can do with this plugin.
    1. champion12800
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! I've taken a step back from working on this plugin to focus on school and other personal life matters, but expect a new big update coming soon!
  3. Wiily
    Version: 0.6.1
    The plugin seems to work fine (version 1.16.5). However, the / cfdg command is not working and I had to make the recipes manually to test, also the Hunger-Fill is not working correctly.

    Idea for the plugin: It would be interesting in the plugin to put Custom Data so that players can use their textures for the items.
    1. champion12800
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! There are some problems with the commands in general, the cfdg command in particular. It only registers new items after the server has been fully restarted. Hunger-fill on new or old foods also only works after the server has fully restarted. I'm still looking into fixing these issues with the plugin, so expect that to be fixed before the full 1.0 release.
  4. boogie_destiny
    Version: 0.6.1
    a wonderful plugin. But... I think you should add more description because the description is too...brief that I cannot notice the interesting function, it might attract more people to download it if you can describe more(*^▽^*)
    1. champion12800
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! You do have a point, and I will be working on a full rewrite of the spigot page once I push out the next update which fixes one of the most annoying bugs with the plugin.
  5. HugoTor09
    Version: 0.6
    The pugin its good, i dont have priblems and i like it, i dont need more use magma or other plugins, Good Work! 10/10
    1. champion12800
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the review! My main idea with the plugin WAS to be able to have foods like you'd find in mods in the vanilla game, so I'm glad it's working as intended for you!
  6. notashelf
    Version: 0.4.1
    While the plugin, and the idea behind the plugin, is simply wonderful (exactly what I've been looking for) the resource page is a bit lacking.

    Though I'm fully aware that the resource is new, and I'm certain that the author capable of making such a plugin would eventually make a descriptive wiki for the plugin :)

    1. champion12800
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for the review! I wanted to post it now because there are servers I've worked on in the past that have been waiting on this plugin and wanted to get it released now so that I can get some feedback. I am working on a second draft of the current spigot page and once that's done will get a wiki set up with default crafting recipe screenshots, a tutorial video, and a more in-depth text tutorial (for those who don't want to watch the video)