Custom Generators v0.1.0

A bukkit plugin to create any variation of the default cobblestone generator!

  1. codestix
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    A bukkit plugin to create any variation of the default cobblestone generator, or modify the default ones.

    1. Download the plugin here. (pick the right one for your server version)
    2. Place the downloaded jar file in your server's plugins folder.
    3. Reload/restart your server
    /cobble [help | list | select <block1> <block2> | deselect | info | remove | set <block> <chance> | unset <block> | particle <name> [count] [speed]]
    • list: Show all the created generators.
    • select <block1> <block2>: Select (or create) the generator that is activated by <block1> and <block2>. Either <block1> or <block2> must be a liquid. For example: /cobble select lava water to select the default cobblestone generator.
    • set <block> <chance>: Set the <chance> for the selected generator to generate <block>. The chance is calculated by (chance / sum of all block chances). Chance can be any number. Higher values mean higher chance.
    • unset <block>: Do not generate <block> in the selected generator.
    • deselect: Deselect the selected generator.
    • remove: Remove the selected generator.
    • info: Show information about the selected generator.
    • particle [name] [count] [speed]: Set the particle that will spawn when a block is generated in the selected generator. Or show a list of available particles when no particle name is given.
    Example 1
    To customize the default cobblestone generator to also spawn ores, use the following command:
    • /cobble select lava water: will create/select a custom generator and select it. Ores will be added automatically because customizing the default cobblestone generator is common.
    Done! Create a cobblestone generator and you will see it working.
    • /cobble info: view the chances for each ore to appear.
    • /cobble unset diamond_ore: do not generate diamond_ore.
    Example 2
    To create a generator that will generate sand and gravel when water hits sandstone, use the following commands:
    • /cobble select water sandstone: will create/select a custom generator that activates when water hits sandstone. (order of water and sandstone does not matter)
    • /cobble unset stone: remove the default stone block, we don't want it to generate. (was automatically added when we created the generator in the first step)
    • /cobble set gravel 10: set the chance for gravel to generate to 10. Gravel has a 100% chance of spawning right now.
    • /cobble set sand 30: set the chance for sand to generate to 30. Sand has a 75% chance of spawning, and gravel 25%.
    Done! Let water hit sandstone and sand and gravel will generate.

    • customgenerators.*: Permission to do everything.
    • customgenerators.command: Permission to use the /cobble command. (everyone has this permission by default)
    • Permission to select/deselect a generator, list them and show information about them. (everyone has this permission by default)
    • customgenerators.create: Permission to create/remove a custom generator. (only ops have this permission by default)
    • customgenerators.set: Permission to set/unset a block chance for a generator. (only ops have this permission by default)
    • customgenerators.particle: Permission to set the generation particle for a generator. (only ops have this permission by default)
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