Custom Heads [1.8-1.15] 3.0.2

Decorative Player Heads for your Server World

  1. Added 1.16 Support

    Minor Fixes and 1.16 Support
  2. Quick fix where Plugin wouldn't load

    - Fixed Bug where Plugin wouldn't load after looking for available Languages
    - No Button when buying Heads should be working now
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  3. Bug fixes and more Stuff

    Welp heres a early Version of 3.0.0 since there were so many Issues with buying Heads and some Texture Bugs

    - Fixed buyable Heads
    - Players can no longer put on Heads they didnt buy
    - Fixed an Issue with the Firework Head
    - Plugin will now look for the Default Language before using English
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  4. Update to API and 1.15 Support

    Hi everyone sorry for the long wait for 1.15 Support but everything should be working for 1.15 now.

    To anyone using the CustomHeads API: Please update your Plugins using it. There has been some changes to the Package Names (de.mrstein -> de.likewhat)

    + Changed Search Query
    + Fixed Bug where People couldn't buy Categories
    + Category Permission heads.viewCategory.<category>.allheads will unlock all Heads
    - Replaced loadedCategories.yml with disabledCategories in...
  5. Quick Bug Fix

    Fixed a Bug where Players couldn't take out any Items from Chests
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  6. Spanish Translation and other things

    + Spanish Translation (Special Thanks to megajose122)
    + Added executeCommand to clickAction in the Settings File
    + Added /heads get -all (Shows the Heads of all Players online)
    + Fixed the Version incompatibility with 1.13 and up
    + New Misc Head (Canary Islands)
    + Fixed Download Error
    + Typo Fix as always

    Other changes
    + New Discord Channel for Plugin Ideas or Feature Suggestions
    + Updated Spigot Page
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  7. Support for 1.14

    Updated everything to support 1.14

    Hi everyone,
    sorry I couldn't update the Plugin sooner. Beta Versions are now available on my Discord.
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  8. Russian Translation, Bug Fixes and more

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  9. Economy Support Update and more

  10. Small Bug Fix

    Fixed Bug that Plugin wouldnt load on some Servers

    Would have already added new Features for Economy but was busy with School again =/
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