Custom Images 2.1.7

Load custom images into Minecraft

  1. Horizontal Image Rotation

    This update adds the ability to place horizontal images in any cardinal direction; that is, north, south, east and west while looking up or down.

    down.png up.png

    Since version 2.0 horizontal images have been supported, but only while facing north; as you can see above they now work in any direction. Note that this is still exclusive to 1.13+
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  2. Invisible Frames 1.16+

    A simple update that adds a feature that many people have requested over the last long while.

    Blank space in images where there are no pixels will now not be rendered. In fact, the item frame and maps themselves are no longer rendered at all while only the pixels show hovering in air.

    Invisible Frames Enabled/Disabled:
    invisible.png visible.png

    Note that this feature is only supported in 1.16+. Many people believed that it was available before this,...
  3. Add 1.16.4 Support

    This update simply adds support for 1.16.4. Everything should work identically to what it has.

    Note that support for 1.16.3 remains despite the main plugin post's statements on the highest version available.
  4. Add 1.16.2 Support - Remove 1.16.1 Support

    This update simply adds support for 1.16.2. Everything should work completely as it did before.

    Note that, as stated in the main plugin post troubleshooting section, only the highest minor version of each major version is supported. Therefore, support for 1.16.1 is removed with this build. If you are still on 1.16.1, then wait to update this plugin until you update to 1.16.2.
  5. Fix Previous Update

    This is a small update to fix a bug in the previous one that doesn't allow the plugin to load on any version before 1.16 since the API version was set incorrectly.

    My apologies for this issue.
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  6. Extra Commands & QoL

    Delete Near Command
    The delete near command does what you'd expect; deletes images within a specified range around the player. Usage is simple. Stand around images you would like to delete and run the command:
    Code (Text):
    /image delete near 5
    The above command will delete all images within 5 blocks of the player. Adjust the range for more or less precision.

    This is an alternative to the right click to delete a specific image since there has been many issues concerning the normal...
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  7. 1.16.1 & URL Support

    1.16.1 Support
    This is a tentative update to support 1.16.1. It hasn't gone through my entire round of testing on every version of Minecraft, but it does work on 1.16.1.

    There may be bugs with this so let me know if you have issues due to the 1.16 incompatibility or bugs it may cause on other versions; although I don't see that happening.

    URL Image Pasting Support
    This update also comes along with a small feature added: URL pasting.
    Basically, just use the same command as...
  8. Quick Fix for Existing Bug

    A quick fix for an existing bug that was just found where a potion with the right ID matching a map that the potion was near can cause the creative pick block function to throw an error and stall out an entire player processing thread.

    This is extremely unlikely, but could happen. In addition to the fix, a safeguard has been put in place to prevent this from stalling out the processing thread if there are issues in the future.

    EDIT: For some reason Spigot isn't uploading the updated JAR...
  9. Bug Fixes & Changes

    Bug Fixes & Changes
    • Fix incompatibility with other plugins due to overriding some core Minecraft code
    • Update to build using Minecraft 1.15.2
    • Update main post to add extra instructions
    • Add link to plugin source page and welcoming contributions
    Please always update to the latest minor version of your server's major version before reporting bugs. For example, if you are running 1.13 you should be running 1.13.2 or for 1.8 it should be 1.8.8.

    As always, if...
  10. 1.15 Support

    This update simply brings support for 1.15. As this is a relatively minor game release, changes wise, I don't expect many issues. It should be a drag and drop with no issues in transferring images across versions.

    However, there is one issue that 1.15 has presented. Unexpected behavior in the client has caused Spigot to give an unusual event causing the attempt to delete images to be cancelled before it can be processed.
    I have reported this bug to Spigot and, from the response that I...