Custom Item Tally System | Skript 1.1

Counts Items in order of creation/pickup in player inventories.

  1. CheesyOnion
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    The function of this script is purely cosmetic. Any item names added into the Options Configuration of this script will be given a number starting at 1 for the first item. Every time another item is crafted, received, or picked up by any means it will be given a number in the order they were put into a player's inventory. This makes items with a higher number possibly less valuable and vise versa. If an item already has a number it cannot receive more numbers.

    I recommend not using items that are stackable with this script. It can cause duplicates of the same number and issues with stackability.

    A comparison as shown in my server with the script active:


    This script requires only the base version of Skript, no add-ons are used. You can use almost any plugin for custom items with this, but I used MMOItems.

    Tested with Skript 2.5-beta3, and MMOItems 6.1.2

    Skript can be downloaded from the following Github Page:

    MMOItems can be purchased at the following spigot page:

    Have any suggestions or constructive criticism? Let me know, I'm all ears!

    Please report any bugs to me and I will fix them, but there shouldn't be any currently because of the size of this script.

Recent Updates

  1. Added a toggle command.