Custom Join Messages (With Commands) [1.8-1.14] 6.0

CJM lets you have custom join messages, first join messages, quit messages, and more!

  1. Custom Join Messages 6.0

    Version 6.0

    New commands:
    - cjm (enable/ disable) firstjoinmessage - Enables or disables the first join message
    - cjm (enable/ disable) joinmessage - Enables or disables the join message
    - cjm (enable/ disable) privatefirstjoinmessage - Enables or disables the private join message
    - cjm (enable/ disable) privatejoinmessage- Enables or disables the private join message
    - cjm (enable/ disable) quitjoinmessage - Enables or disables the quit message

    Split help into 2 pages:
    -cjm help 1
  2. Custom Join Messages 5.0

    Version 5.0

    -Added support for 1.8+
    -Cleaned up a little bit of code
  3. Custom Join Messages 4.1

    Version 4.1

    - Fixed the private messages not working
    - Fixed the permission node not working
    - Fixed default Minecraft join/ quit message being displayed with the custom one
    - Fixed JoinMessage not working if FirstJoinMessage was set to false
  4. Custom Join Messages 4.0

    Version 4.0

    New commands:
    - cjm set firstjoinmessage <message > - Sets the first join message
    - cjm set joinmessage <message> - Sets the join message
    - cjm set privatefirstjoinmessage <message> - Sets the private join message
    - cjm set privatejoinmessage <message> - Sets the private join message
    - cjm set quitjoinmessage <message> - Sets the quit message

    Note: The commands do support color and formatting codes such as &a or &o
  5. Custom Join Messages 3.0.1

    Version 3.0.1

    Fixed issue with startup messages
  6. Custom Join Messages 3.0

    Version 3.0

    Command Changes:
    - cjm reload - reloads the config
    - cjm help - open help page

    - cjm.use - allows players to use the above commands
    Note: If a player is OP, they do not need cjm.use

    Cleaned up code

    Updated messages when running commands, when the plugin is starting, etc.

    Added option to send private messages to players when they join for the first time or have played before.
  7. Custom Join Messages 2.1

    Version 2.1
    -Added reload command. usage: /cjmreload