Custom Join Messages 1.0

Custom Join Messages

  1. mindego
    Custom Join Notifications
    Custom Join Notifications is a plugin that allows server owners to have certain join messages for when certain user groups join the server. Currently the plugin has limited use because I simoly don't have enough java and bukkit knowledge. This plugin was made after request and I made it to practise my java skills.

    Join messages can be more than one line and are fully customisable.

    Here are the commands:

    • /cjn - Displays help page
    • /cjn reload - Reloads config file
    • - cjn.reload - Permission for /cjn command.
    • - cjn.default - Permission to display Default message on server join.
    • - cjn.helper - Permission to display Helper message on server join.
    • - cjn.moderator - Permission to display Moderator message on server join.
    • - cjn.admin - Permission to display Admin message on server join.
    • - cjn.owner - Permission to display Owner message on server join.
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