Custom Messages Plus [With Effects!] 0.7

Custom join/leave messages for your server, also with particle effects!

  1. TacticalKebab
    Custom Messages Plus allows you to do cool messages when a player joins or leaves. You can also make particle effects (If you want) display when someone joins, which particle effect and an on/off switch for effects, also messages is configurable.

    A lot of plugins does this already. But not a lot of them has more features than just messages. (MUCH more coming soon!). So that's basically the reason why to choose this plugin over all the others. It's cool :p

    * /cmp - Main CMP command.
    * /cmp help - Command list.
    */cmp preview <join/leave> - Preview the join/leave actions.
    * Much more to be added!

    * cmp.* - Main CMP permission. Gives access to all commands.

    Planned features
    * Sounds on join (For players nearby) - Very soon!
    * Commands to set and disable messages, also effects. - Very soon!
    * More features you guys want me to add.

    Step by step installation guide for almost all plugins...

    1. Go to the folder where your server is located. Open the folder called plugins.

    2. Put the Custom Messages Plus .jar in the plugins folder.

    3. Restart or reload your server. You can also load the plugin with other plugins such as PlugMan.

    4. Done. You can now edit the config and access other plugin files inside the folder with the same name as the plugin inside the plugins folder.

    5. Enjoy!


Recent Reviews

  1. Yatogamitetsu
    Version: 0.7
    Its not load in my server.So please solve it.....I think its very useful.Because it contain many function in one plugin.