Custom Mobs/Zombie/Skeletons 1.2

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  1. nether spawn fix

    A friend pointed this out, previously any skeleton including accuall wither skeletons(apperantly defined as skeletons) were also changed thus changing the regular drops. This update fixes said issue..

    While i could go 2 ways with this or more i decided to go the easiest and fastest way which is...

    All skeletons spawned in the nether will be whatever minecraft chooses it to be wether that is regular or wither or otherwise another plugin defines, this plugin will not in any shape or form...
  2. Mythic Mob support

    Extended configuration time to match mythic mobs mob spawns.

    This means mythic mobs monsters wil take priority if the mob spawned is part of mm, if not it will change to a custom config defined skeleton/zombie
  3. name change + request + 1.9 update

    Requested by @Pixlation

    The name in general is kinda the same while its "custom zombie" the work rounds act the same.

    Difference though btween last version and this:

    Highly configurable zombie/skeleton looks, dress them in armour with a custom head OR dress them in colored RGB leather armour with a head,

    by default skeletons are DK and storm/scout troopers and darth vader, the zombies are all workable mario characters i could find by name.. including a pickachu....