Custom Shop GUI 3.0.0

A simple lag-free way to buy and sell items to players

  1. RictAcius is back & updating his beloved plugin to MC 1.17

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  2. Plugin.yml error

    Hi guys, sorry, I found an error in the plugins 'plugin.yml' file, so I had to release a quick patch.
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  3. Spigot 1.11.2 Compatiability

    The issues regarding Custom Shop and Spigot 1.11.2, have - fingers crossed - been fixed. I also fixed a slight discrepancy which should normally have broken 2.0.0 but didn't (phew).
  4. Commands per transaction, Custom messages etc.

    This new update comes with a ton of optimisations and a few special features.
    1. All messages, title, lore and item names are now customisable.
    2. Improved the performance of shops and the 'sell' inventory. All items are backed up before processing to ensure no items are lost.
    3. Items in the shop only show relevant data.
    4. Improved update process.
    5. Improved commands to make them easier to use and find.
    6. Configuration files are now kept up to date by CustomShop.
    7. ... Plus...
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  5. Update 1.6.0

    Update 1.6.0
    • Removed back button
    • Removed SignSupport
    • Added Chest Shops
    Place a sign in front of a chest and fill it in with the following lines
    Line1: [Chest-Shop]
    Line2: id:data:amount
    Line3: price
    Line4: <buy | sell>
    • Improved updater
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  6. SignSupport bug fix.

    Fixed spam SignSupport messages
  7. Update for Spigot 1.11

    Custom Shop should now work with Spigot 1.11, don't forget to download the right version for your server!
  8. Feature update

    1. Selling is now allowed from the shop menu
    2. You can now buy/sell a specific amount or 1 stack of the amount
    3. Refined signs + /shop help command
    4. Sell bug fix + backup for fatal errors
    5. Updater tweak
  9. AutoUpdater Glitch Patch

    If you have CustomShop v1.4.0 and up, this patch would have already been downloaded for you (unless if you didn't setup auto updates).
    This patch is to fix the issue when auto-updating; CustomShop downloads incorrect jar for Spigot Version.
  10. Added Auto Updater

    From this version forward, you will no longer need to download updates from Spigot because the plugin can do it for you. Just set auto-update in the config to true and once an update is found restart your server.