Custom Smelting Recipes 2015-03-23

Create custom furnace smelting recipes!

  1. Raydond123
    Custom Smelting Recipes
    This plugin allows you to create custom smelting recipes! Your result can also contain a custom name and lore.

    You can split the result item lore lines with the following character. "~"
    Both result item name and lore lines support color codes.
    They also support spaces, no need for underscores.

    Format - [Source Item ID]:[Result Item ID]:[Result Item Amount]:[Result Item Name]:[Result Item Lore]

    Code (Text):
    - 1:12:5:&cFresh Sand:&9In this recipe, the source is stone.~The result is some fresh sand!
    The default configuration above will use stone as a source. The result item will be 5 blocks of sand. The sand will have the name: Fresh Sand. The lore will be:
    In this recipe, the source is stone.
    The result is some fresh sand!​

Recent Reviews

    Version: 2015-03-23
    NICE PLUGIN!And you can add lore,name and enchant requirements!