Custom Structures

Generate Structures from schematics. [1.13.2-1.14.4]

  1. Major Update (1.4.2)

    Notice: The config file was changed in this version. You must re-configure the config.

    • Changed how SpawnY works in the config.
      • Added ability to spawn structure x blocks above ground.
      • Added ability to randomly pick a y location
      • Added ability to randomly pick x blocks below the ground.
      • Added ability to randomly pick x blocks above the ground.
      • Changed the surface value from -1 to 'top'
    • Added in random rotation feature. (Does not work with mobs and Loot Tables. This is a bug and will be fixed)
    • Added in whitelist spawn blocks. (Structures can only spawn on those blocks)
    • Added in Loot Tables (Works with chests, brewing stands, and furnaces)
    • Added in the ability to spawn mobs when a structure spawns. (Vanilla mobs and MythicalMobs)
    • Enhanced the Developer API.
    For help using these new features check out the wiki.

    Big thanks to
    Chusca for contributing to the project and adding in the Mobs / LootTables.
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