Custom Structures 1.3.3

Generate Structures from schematics. [1.11.x - 1.12]

  1. Update 1.3.3

    - Added support for multiple biomes. To add multiple biomes just use the comma (,).
    Code (YAML):
     #What biome this a schematic can spawn in. Change to all for all.
    (Note: make sure to not add any spaces)
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  2. Fixed server crashed.

    Fixed a bug where the server would crash.
  3. Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug where a structure would not spawn due to some unused imports in the class.
  4. 1.3 Update

    New features:
    - Added the test command. (/cs test [schematic name])
    - Added safety features to check for bad configuration of the plugin.
    - Added the option to sink structures into the ground.
    - Added option to get rid of the air.
    - Fixed permissions
    - Added list command to list the active structures. (/cs list)
  5. 1.12 Support

    - Added support for 1.12.
  6. Added support for Y-Axis

    You are now able to choose which y cord your structure spawns one. Note: this feature was not tested so report bugs please.

    Updated saving type for config to show comments.
  7. OnEnable BugFix

    Fixed an error when the plugin started up. The plugin now loads and commands work.