Custom Structures

Generate Structures from schematics. [1.13.2-1.14.4]

  1. Bug Fixes

    Change Log:
    • Fixed bug where the /cstructure test command would not work.
    • Fixed bug where an error would be given if a loot table item did not have a custom name.
    Thank you to everyone who reported these bugs. If you have any issues please report them over on github.
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  2. Major Update (1.4.2)

    Notice: The config file was changed in this version. You must re-configure the config.

    • Changed how SpawnY works in the config.
      • Added ability to spawn structure x blocks above ground.
      • Added ability to randomly pick a y location
      • Added...
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  3. Code Optimization

    This update is for 1.13.2 - 1.14.2 only. Use 1.3.3 for 1.11 - 1.12.
    Bug Fixes:
    - Prevents the server from crashing when it is trying to load a schematic.
    - Removed typos in the config.
    - Fixed reload command.

    Thanks to @tamellen for reporting this bug.
  4. 1.13.2 and 1.14.2 Update.

    The plugin has finally been updated!

    This version only supports 1.13.2 and 1.14.2!


    - Added support for 1.13.2 - 1.14.2
    - Added a config option to toggle if a structure can spawn in water.
    - Removed the List from the config. (It is no longer needed to put new structures in the list)
    - Added an API to the plugin for developers.

    Report any bugs to GitHub or the discussion section.
  5. Update 1.3.3

    - Added support for multiple biomes. To add multiple biomes just use the comma (,).
    Code (YAML):
     #What biome this a schematic can spawn in. Change to all for all.
    (Note: make sure to not add any spaces)
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  6. Fixed server crashed.

    Fixed a bug where the server would crash.
  7. Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug where a structure would not spawn due to some unused imports in the class.
  8. 1.3 Update

    New features:
    - Added the test command. (/cs test [schematic name])
    - Added safety features to check for bad configuration of the plugin.
    - Added the option to sink structures into the ground.
    - Added option to get rid of the air.
    - Fixed permissions
    - Added list command to list the active structures. (/cs list)
  9. 1.12 Support

    - Added support for 1.12.
  10. Added support for Y-Axis

    You are now able to choose which y cord your structure spawns one. Note: this feature was not tested so report bugs please.

    Updated saving type for config to show comments.