Custom Structures 1.5.1

Generate Structures from schematics. [1.13.2-1.16.1]

  1. Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes:
    - The structure chance system now works as expected. (1/500 is a 0.2% chance of spawning per chunk.)
    - The BlockLevelLimit now works properly.
    - Updated the BlockLevelLimit configuration in the demo structure to actually work.
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  2. 1.5 Update

    This update introduces a brand new structure system. Please read this migration guide before updating your plugin.

    This is just a basic overview of the update. For full details including examples see the github release.

    - The structure system has been changed....
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  3. Compiled to Java 8

    Recompiled the jar to work with Java 8+. Sorry about the inconvenience.
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  4. Fixed Startup Error

    Fixed the error when the plugin starts up.
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  5. Critical Bug Fix

    This patches the bug that causes the plugin to crash when it tries to spawn a structure in a chunk with no ground.

    This is just a quick bug fix update. A major plugin recode is still coming out soon.
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    Thank you to Iniquit for this update!

    Bug Fixes:
    - Fixed chest containers and mobs not spawning when the structure is randomly rotated.
    - Fixed mythical mobs not spawning in.
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  7. 1.4.3 Update

    - Added official support for 1.15.2.
    - Added the ability to spawn structures on the ocean floor.
    - Added the ability to ignore plants when spawning structures.
    - Added debug mode (Thanks Iniquit)
    - Added better error handling with schematics.
    - Fixed structures not randomly spawning in the correct location. (Thanks Iniquit)

    Sorry it took so long to get this out.
  8. Bug Fixes

    Change Log:
    • Fixed bug where the /cstructure test command would not work.
    • Fixed bug where an error would be given if a loot table item did not have a custom name.
    Thank you to everyone who reported these bugs. If you have any issues please report them over on github.
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  9. Major Update (1.4.2)

    Notice: The config file was changed in this version. You must re-configure the config.

    • Changed how SpawnY works in the config.
      • Added ability to spawn structure x blocks above ground.
      • Added ability to randomly pick a y location
      • Added...
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  10. Code Optimization

    This update is for 1.13.2 - 1.14.2 only. Use 1.3.3 for 1.11 - 1.12.
    Bug Fixes:
    - Prevents the server from crashing when it is trying to load a schematic.
    - Removed typos in the config.
    - Fixed reload command.

    Thanks to @tamellen for reporting this bug.