Custom Warps 0.0.3

Player warps with economic impact

  1. Tolmikarc
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    Custom Warps
    by Tolmikarc

    About Custom Warps:
    Custom warps is a simple plugin that allows players to create their own warps with prices. The plugin is configurable and easy to use.

    • Vault - required for economy
    • /cw <warp|setwarp|delwarp|cost|rename|list> - commands for warping to warps, listing warps, setting warps, deleting warps, renaming warps, and setting the cost of teleport to a warp. Permissions: customwarps.command.warp, customwarps.command.setwarp, customwarps.command.delwarp, customwarps.command.cost, customwarps.command.rename, customwarps.command.list
    Please post all issues and bugs on the Github link at the top of the page, or send me a message on the discord with the link below:

    Other Resources:
    Please consider checking out some of my other resources:
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