CustomChat 1.7

Custom Join/Quit Messages, ClearChat, Custom ChatFormatting + Added Per-Group ChatFormat!

  1. Versions Support

    - Fixed Title error
    - Added support for older versions
  2. New Update!

    - Added new Start Up message
    - Added Config Version Checker
  3. Disable commands Update!

    - Fixed Shot by Skeleton message
    - Added feature to disable commands (set commands in config.yml)
    - Added permission customchat.bypass.cmd
  4. Chat Format Update

    - Added Per-Group Chat Formatting
    - Added %displayname% to Chat Formatting
  5. New Features!

    - Added Custom Chat Formatting (requires Vault)
    - Added Custom First Join Message
    - Added Custom Death Messages
  6. The BIG Update!

    Things added in this update
    - Added command /cc <Player> to clear specified player's Chat
    - Fixed permissions for commands /cc and /ccreload
    - Added commands /ccjoin and /ccquit to change Join/Quit Messages InGame
    - Added custom Title on Join
  7. Added new command, new function etc.

    - The config file was edited
    - If JoinAndQuitMessages was set to false, there will not be any Join/Quit messages
    - Added command /ccreload to reload the plugin
    - Added ChatColor function