CustomCommands [1.8-1.16] 1.1.5

Create unlimited commands. do the impossible cool things. from server owner to server owners

  1. Everything has been fixed!

    There were a lot of bugs in previous 1.1.3+ versions, even with default commands!

    Now all has been fixed AND WITH 1.16 Support!
  2. Massive Bug Fixes + New Player method

    Thanks to @quinnconnolly03 for reporting bugs.
    The plugin should perform any command that is in the 'Commands' list in config, and if the command starts with '/' it performs it for the player, it wasn't working; but now it's fixed :D

    Add the performCommand player method.

    Also removed the massive unnecessary console spam.
  3. Improved plugin's efficiency, fixed some bugs and added some new methods.

    The plugin was quite expensive when it comes to performance, if you have a code for your custom command, it was reading the code each time player runs a command, which is a huge task if repeated much. i wasn't realizing that.

    This update doesn't fix it completely, only for codes that doesn't contain any call to any of variable/variable definitions. now it reads them once and just repeat them to each player, without need to read it again.

    Also, just realized that the examples in default...
  4. Full Coding system revamp! New Abilities

    New Code System Format:

    The difference between New and old code systems is:
    • Replaced '*' with 'x' for multiply.
    • Now when you need to use a variable value use vars*<var name> instead of <var name>.
    • now you'll need to use methods.getPlayer(), methods.getWorld(), methods.getFile() instead of getPlayer(), getWorld(), getFile().
    • If you want to use math in any argument you need to put ! before the arguments, example: player.setHealth(!5 x 2).
  5. Ability to create code variables & New Method

    Code variables are made like so:
    var <Variable type> <Variable Name> = <Variable Value (Method)>

    The variable type can be:
    - Player (getPlayer(name))
    - World (getWorld(name))
    - File (getFile(name))
    - String (text)
    - Boolean (true/false)
    - Number (integer/double)
    - String list (["My", "String", "List"])

    Variable name is the keyword which you need to put to represent the variable value. example:
    - var World w = getWorld(world)
    - w.setBlockType(player.getLocation, STONE, 0)
    Where 'w' is the...
  6. New Commands & Bug Fixes

    Added commands:
    - /cuc addSubCommands|addSubCmd|subcmd <Name> <Sub Commands (split with ',')>

    - /cuc delete <Name>

    - Fixed some bugs with sub commands.

    (I know that it says 1.1.0 in the file name, 1.1.0 will be released soon)
  7. Added SubCommands functionality!

    You can use the new sub commands system by just add a new section 'Sub_Commands' to your original normal command and remove all keys expect for aliases. like this:
    Code (YAML):
    : [mcg]
    : []
    : ""
              # The time between each command execution.
              # Example: 10 Seconds.
              # Example2: 2 Minutes
              # Example3: 5 hours.
              # Example 4: 6 Days.
    : "0...
  8. Bug fixing & Ability to Configure Messages

    In the previous version, when creating a custom command by the command it generates "Replay_Messages" instead of "Reply_Messages".
    In the new version it will automatically delete "Replay_Messages.

    Check messages.yml for more information.
  9. Added some cool new players and worlds methods!

    • setWorldBorderSize(<size>, [seconds]). seconds is the time in seconds in which the border grows or shrinks from the previous size to that being set.

    • setWorldBorderCeneter(center(location)) ->
      Sets the new border center.
    • setWorldBorderDamage(damage(number)) ->
      Sets the amount of damage a player takes when outside the border plus the border buffer.
    • setWorldBorderBuffer(blocks(number)) -> Sets the amount of blocks...
  10. Fixed some enchantments compatibility problems

    Fixed some enchantments compatibility problems.