CustomCommands [Custom Command Chars] 1.0-SNAPSHOT

Better than the default boring /

  1. _Cory_
    So using packet magic you can change the boring /[command] to *[command].

    Support via IRC at #ryred. I may be asleep, but it will be the fastest method of contact if I'm at my pc, along with teamspeak at
    The config is basic. You really shouldn't have any issues.

    We're on GitHub.
    Also we use Jenkins.

    Untested.. Made for @ringpolcie.

    So here's the deal. We use UUID's from to get and broadcast a slightly personalised message about certain users. These users have earnt their place here however if you wish to disable this feature create the file ryred_co in the server root. The source for this is on github, named UUIDServlet, and UUIDCredits. This should not affect how the plugin works.

    Code (spiget-extra (Unknown Language)):
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