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Create your own Commands!

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    Create your own commands using ingame commands!
    You can adjust the messages in the messages.yml!


    - Create your own commands
    - These commands can display a message or let the server run a command
    - Placeholders
    - A use limit
    - Add custom permissions to specific commands

    /cmd create [Name] [Message]
    - Create a command which displays a message
    /cmd createcmd [Name] [Command text] - Create a command which let the server run a command
    /cmd modify [Name] [New message] - Modify a command
    /cmd modifycmd [Name] [New command text] - Modify a command
    /cmd showraw [Name] - Shows the raw text (With color codes)
    /cmd delete [Name] - Delete a command
    /cmd cmdlist - Displays the commands created by you
    /cmd adduselimit [Command] [Limit] - Add a use limit to a command!
    /cmd addpermission [Command] [Permission] - Add a custom permission to a specific command created by you!
    /cmd showpermission [Command] - Shows the permission of a command created by you!
    /cmd setcommandtext [Command] [Message] - Set a message to a command that runs a command!

    If you want to delete the use limit use: /cmd adduselimit [Command] 0
    If you want to delete a permission use: /cmd addpermission [Command] null
    If you want to delete a message from a command that runs a command use: /cmd setcommandtext [Command] null

    /cmd [Name]
    - Run the command

    Create a command that displays a message:

    Type first: /cmd create testcommand &aThis command works!
    Then run the command: /cmd testcommand
    Then it will display: This command works!

    Create a command that runs a command:
    Type first: /cmd createcmd serverSaySomething say Hello!
    "say Hello" is the command that is run by the server.
    Then run the command: /cmd serverSaySomething
    Then the server will say: Hello!

    Example for a gift command:
    If you want a gift command, try this:
    Type first: /cmd createcmd getAGift give %p% minecraft:diamond 1
    "give %p% minecraft:diamond 1" is the command that is run by the server.
    Now we add a use limit: /cmd adduselimit getAGift 1
    Now you can use the command one time only!
    If you want to receive your gift type: /cmd getAGift

    The placeholder %p% is replaced by the player name of the executor.

    customcommands.create -> /cmd create [Name] [Message]
    customcommands.modify -> /cmd modify [Name] [New message]
    customcommands.createcmd -> /cmd createcmd [Name] [Command text]
    customcommands.modifycmd -> /cmd modifycmd [Name] [New command text]
    customcommands.delete -> /cmd delete [Name]
    customcommands.showraw -> /cmd showraw [Name]
    customcommands.list -> /cmd cmdlist
    customcommands.adduselimit -> /cmd adduselimit
    customcommands.addpermission -> /cmd addpermission [Command] [Permission]
    customcommands.showpermission -> /cmd showpermission [Command]
    customcommands.showcommandlist -> /cmdlist
    customcommands.setcommandtext -> /cmd setcommandtext [Command] [Message]

    customcommands.use -> /cmd [Name]
    customcommands.usecmd -> /cmd [Name] (The server runs the command)

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