CustomCrafting | Advanced Custom Recipe Plugin [MySQL] [1.13.2 - 1.14.4]

Create custom Crafting, Furnace, Anvil, Stonecutter and more recipes! Support for MetaData and more

  1. Config fixes for 1.13.2 users & MySQL bug fix

    • Fixed the advanced workbench and knowledge book ite config for Minecraft 1.13.2. In order to get this new fixed config delete the current configs, just like I described it in the previous update.
    • Fixed an bug occuring when creating new recipes while connected to an MySQL Database.
  2. Bug Fix & Minor improvents

    • Fixed saving of Crafting recipes when connected to an MySQL Database
    • Improved loading of Recipes when using MySQL
    • Some more minor improvements
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  3. Advanced Workbench and Knowledge Book Fix

    This update fixes the Advanced Workbench and the Knowledge Book.
    The problem was that the config of both of these items where broken.

    The configs for the items are updated in this version.

    If you haven't encountered the problem yet, that means your item configs aren't broken and you could also ignore this fix. However still update the plugin it also contains some performance improvements.

    Instructions for the Fix:

    1. Stop your Server

    2. Download this update and put...
  4. Bug Fixes and improvements

    • Custom Crafting Recipes can now be toggled via the /recipes toggle command again!

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Custom Durability. Items with custom durability didn't break. (Fix is in the new WolfyUtilities!)
    • Fixed the RecipeCreator GUIs. Result or Ingredient where reset or not working when trying to place in items.
    • ...
  5. More Bug fixes!

    • Fixed the Anvil RecipeCreator GUI (items disappeared when they were placed in the input slots)
    • Fixed Furnace recipes with results of the same type where overwritten.
    The only bug right now which occurs for some users, is that the advanced workbench isn't placeable or doesn't act like one. I try to have a fix for...
  6. Bug Fixes & Furnace recipe additions

    • Furnace recipes are now supporting multiple items with percentage probability. This is only useful if the furnace has an hopper underneath that takes out the item to make space for the next item.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed missing text for recipe buttons in the Knowledge Book
    • Fixed the resetting of the Item Amount when placing items into the RecipeCreator...
  7. MySQL, Multiple Results and more

    • Updated to WolfyUtilities
    • Redone the Crafting system
    • Added MySQL support
    • Added Custom Durability and Damage
    • Languages are now saved in Json format!
    • Added Reload...
  8. Bug Fixes & Recipe Book Filter button

    • Added a filter button to the workbench section of the knowledgebook.
      It can be toggled between ALL, ADVANCED and NORMAL.
      They only show the coresponding items,
      e.g. Advanced only shows advanced crafting recipes.

    Bug fixes:
    • Furnace recipes should be working again.
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  9. Improvements & Bug Fixes

    • Improved the crafting of items. It should be working fine now.
      If you got any problem with the new system let me know and download the last version (
    • Added a setting to the main-config to disable the vanilla recipes.
    • Some minor Bug fixes.
  10. Bug fixes, new Command & Preferred File Type option

    • Added /cc settings <setting> <value>
      This command allows to change settings of the main-config ingame.
      Permission: customcrafting.cmd.settings

      Currently there are only two options available (preferred_file_type and pretty_printing). More coming in the future.
    • Added a option in the main-config that allows you to change the file type to what you pefer. yml or...