CustomCrafting | Advanced Custom Recipe Plugin [MySQL | 1.13.2 - 1.15.x | Free]

Create custom Crafting, Furnace, Anvil, Stonecutter and more recipes! Support for MetaData and more

  1. Knowledgebook improvements & Brewing | v1.5.5.0

    This update contains tons of improvements for the knowledge book, a new type of recipe (Brewing Stand), bug fixes, and improvements.

    Remember to get the latest update for WolfyUtilities!

    • Added Brewing Stand recipes to create custom brewing stand ingredients. They allow you to customize the potion duration and amplifier. They are not final and will get more features in future updates.
    • Added research functionality to the knowledge...
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  2. Grindstone recipes and Bug Fixes | v1.5.4.0

    This update implements Grindstone recipes and some bug fixes.
    This update requires the lastest updated WolfyUtilities!


    • Added Grindstone recipes
    • Added option to reset the recipe creators after saving recipes
    • Changed the default value of mirroring crafting recipes horizontally
    • Fixed issues with saving Cauldrons and with the cauldron recipe ticker...
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  3. Bug Fixes | v1.5.3.0

    • Fixed Cauldron recipes not loading correctly and causing cauldrons to break.
    • Fixed Cauldrons not loading on server start-up.
    • Minor improvements
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  4. Bug Fixes | v1.5.2.0



    • Fixed the variant menu for the cauldron recipe creator resetting the items when setting multiple ingredients.
    • Fixed the "/cc database export_files" command not working at all
    • Fixed the loading of items out of databases
    • Fixed errors occurring when the cauldrons in the world are saved or loaded.
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  5. Bug Fixes, Improvements & new Features | v1.5.1.0

    Performance improvements, Bug Fixes, and new experimental features to further customize your CustomItems.
    This update also requires the latest WolfyUtilities due to the new particle system and custom equipment.

    • Added custom equipment option to CustomItems
    • Added custom particle system to CustomItems.
      This feature is still quite experimental and likely to change.
      So don't use it to create and use it on your public servers. I release it to let...
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  6. Important Bug Fixes | v1.5.0.3

    There is also an update for WolfyUtilities available that fixes important bugs, such as Books and custom durability!


    • Fixed shift-clicking the result out of the workbench causing it to duplicate.
    • Fixed shift-clicking the result out of the elite workbenches not consuming the recipe and causing the result to duplicate.
    • Fixed the chat messages of the ItemCreator displaying placeholders like...
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  7. Bug Fixes | v1.5.0.2

    I promise that's the last Bug Fix for today:)


    • Fixed the Elite Workbench GUI messing up itself while using it.
  8. Bug Fixes | v1.5.0.1

    • Fixed missing JavaFX classes causing any recipe to not be craftable.
    • Added first test translations for German.
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  9. CustomCrafting Gen 5.0 | v1.5.0.0

    CustomCrafting banner cropped.png

    Happy new year,

    2019 has been a amazing year. I would have never imagined that so many people will use CustomCrafting. What started as a plugin for my let's play server and was thought to be a small side project of mine is now my biggest project ever and I can't wait to see what 2020 brings.

    Thank you so much for your support and the awesome community!

    This year we start of with a big new update that will implement many new features...
  10. Config fixes for 1.13.2 users & MySQL bug fix

    • Fixed the advanced workbench and knowledge book ite config for Minecraft 1.13.2. In order to get this new fixed config delete the current configs, just like I described it in the previous update.
    • Fixed an bug occuring when creating new recipes while connected to an MySQL Database.