CustomCrafting | Create custom recipes Mc 1.8.x - 1.13.x 4.1.0-beta

Easily create your own crafting recipes

  1. CustomCrafting 4.1.0b | The Pretty Scary update!

    The October/Halloween update is here!
    With a new spooky workbench!
    It's just for fun, so you can of course disable it ;)


    • Added pumpkin workbench
      • scary pumpkin with flame effects
      • spooky light effects
      • can be configured in the main config
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  2. CustomCrafting 4.0.1 | Bug fix and improvement

    Small update for CustomCrafting including a small bug fix and also improved performance!

    • Fixed a bug where the id item(Stone with the recipe id) appears when the input for the crafting grid is wrong!
    • Improved the performance of the GUI a bit! Should use less bytes from the RAM;)
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  3. CustomCrafting 4.0.0 | The GUI update!!

    It's finally here! The 4.0.0 update, which include the brand new GUI.
    Now you can easily create your recipes with the help of an GUI and there are also have a lot more options for the ingredients.
    Next week I will publish a video on how to use the new GUI on my YouTube channel.
    I'm also creating a new design for the plugin page!

    Use Shift + Right Click on the item you want to configure, fore example the result item or...
  4. CustomCrafting 3.0.0 | One version for everything!

    Finally the 3.0 update is out:eek:
    I worked hard to add all the features I wanted to add.
    And here they are. The plugin is now compatible with Minecraft 1.8 - 1.13.1.
    Unfortunately the old custom recipes are not completely compatible with the new config setup.
    You have to change the material setup a bit.
    I will update the ressource page and make a tutorial there.

    Code (Text):
    - Merged CC v1.0 and v2.0 into v3.0! So its now...
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  5. CustomCrafting 1.5.4 & 2.0.4 | Bug fixes and improvements

    In this version, I fixed some bugs and also made some changes to the BlockPlaceEvent, etc..

    Changelog 1.5.4 & 2.0.4:
    • Added permissions to the advanced_workbench! it will create a recipe file in the recipes folder! The old settings in the Main-Config are not used anymore!
    • Fixed some NullPointerExceptions in the events
    • Made the BlockPlaceEvent, InteractEvent and the BlockPlaceEvent compatible with...
  6. CustomCrafting 1.5.3 & 2.0.3 | Small bug fix!

    Of course I found a bug when tried to use it on my Let's play server:rolleyes:

    Fixed the bug when you don't have permission to craft the recipe, that the result is the default result item!
  7. CustomCrafting 1.5.2 & 2.0.2 | Permission Update

    With this Update you are able to set permissions for every recipe!
    There no permission for the Custom-workbench recipe yet!
    I Updated the data file, where all the workbenches are saved!
    But don't worry. Your workbenches will not be deleted, because it will automatically migrate your old data file to the new one!

    Chagelog 1.5.2 & 2.0.2:
    • Added Permissions:
      • customcrafting.* : Every permission for CustomCrafting!...
  8. CustomCrafting 1.5.1 & 2.0.1 | Bug fixes and more customizeable output item!

    This update makes it possible now to override the vanilla recipes!
    Also the output item is now more customizable.

    Changelog 1.5.1 & 2.0.1:

    • Fixed a bug where vanilla recipes are not overridden
    • Cleared up the sourcecode from unused methods and etc.
    • Added variant setting to the output item
    • Added amount setting to the output item
  9. CustomCrafting 2.0.0 | The 1.13 update!

    Hey guys,

    I thought I should release this version now.
    I tested it as much as I could.
    Spigot 1.13 is not stable yet, either is CustomCrafting!
    So if encounter a bug, then please contact me. Best place for this is this resource!
    Also I don't release WolfyTimber yet, just because I encountered big performance issues with it!
    I will wait till the next update 1.13.1 and hope the performance is better.

    • Removed numeric ids for items, blocks, enchantments, etc.! Have...
  10. CustomCrafting 1.5 | Now compatible with WolfyTimber

    • Compatible with WolfyTimber 1.5
    • Added auto Update on startup. You can disable it in the Main-Config under auto_Update by setting it to false.