CustomDeathMessages 1.0

Useful for KitPVP and other pvp servers!

  1. EnSun580
    How it works:
    The default minecraft death messages are... meh... Might as well disable them. I thought it would be a fun idea to allow server owners to pick a random message to display when their players are killed in pvp!

    • The death message will only be displayed if the player is killed by another player.
    • No permissions or commands!
    • 3 configurable death messages, with a random chance of each one being broadcast to the server upon player death.
    • Use %killed% to say the name of the killed player, and use %killer% to say the name of the killer.
    • Supports color codes.
    Future Plans:
    • Add permissions for who the message is broadcast to
    • Add messages for other ways players might die (Falling, etc)
    • Whatever else someone requests
    Config (Default)
    Code (Text):
    deathMessage1: '&a%killed% &bgot absolutely destroyed by &c%killer%!'
    deathMessage2: '&a%killed% &bwas murdered by &c%killer%!'
    deathMessage3: '&c%killer% &bfucked up &a%killed%!'


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