CustomDrops 1.7.0

Simple way of adding unique item drops to mobs

  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This simple plugin allows you to add additional drops to your server.

    Please note that items are BUKKIT names NOT in-game mc given names.
    Those wont work.
    Since I had several pms with this reason i'll provide a link to a list that contains ALL items currently ingame and their respective names as they should be filled in.
    Now lets move on to the page layout :)
    Code (Text):

      normalLoot: true
      allowSpawner: false
      allowMulti: false
      - customblade
      normalLoot: true
      allowSpawner: true
      allowMulti: false
      - iron
      - string
    - customblade
    - iron
    - string
        dropChance: 1
        msgUser: true
        type: diamond_sword
        name: '&3Divine Blade'
        - '&3Forged by the Great Callisto'
        - damage_all:7
        - damage_undead:8
        - durability:3
        - knockback:2
        - fire_aspect:2
        - loot_bonus_mobs:3
        dropChance: 1
        msgUser: false
        name: '&3Nice Leggings'
        - '&eA nice set of dyed leggings'
        - '&3Enjoy!'
          red: 255
          green: 0
          blue: 0
        - durability:1
        dropChance: 75
        msgUser: false
        type: iron_nugget
        dropChance: 75
        msgUser: false
        type: string
    The plugin customdrop is fairly easy to configure and allows a lot of stuff.
    If there are features however that aren't on the list and you'd like, let me know.

    When creating an item you can use both commands + type of item or just 1 of the 2, but in either case do not create a droptable for an "item" and not specify its type or atleast a command as that will spam console for no good reason.

    Any mob not defined on this list will drop regular loot and not be hindered by this plugin.
    Infernal mobs also are not hindered by this plugin.
    I spend most of the time testing every bit of this to make sure of that.

    The review section is not for bug reporting since it its maxed to a certain response.
    To report a bug pm me instead.

    Current suggested and/or added features:
    - Command support(Suggested not yet implemented)
    - Leather coloring support(next update)

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    ✓ Super Awesome Friendly Dev
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      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :) Glad I could help out!