CustomDrops 0.5

Allows you to modify drops for blocks and entities

  1. realzun
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Custom Drops
    This plugin allows you to modify all block and entity drops.

    Even though this plugin works for all versions you can not modify drops of an entity that does not exist in your server's version.
    Example: You are running an 1.7.10 server and you are trying to modify drops of a rabbit.

    As you can see the formatting goes like this
    [Block:Entity]Type : Tool : DropItemType , ItemAmount , CustomDisplayName : <T:F> : DataValue : Permission

    [Block:Entity]Type - Type of the block / entity that you wish to modify drops of.
    If you are not too familiar with this use google. Search "spigot {your server version} java docs", when you find the java docs, find the Material / EntityType class. There you will find exactly what you need to type in, you can just copy paste it. The same applies to DropItemType and Tool.

    EntityType Material

    Tool - Can be replaced with "ALL" and "HAND", if set to "HAND" the drop will only happen if the player has no item in hand, other words if the player kills the entity or breaks the block with bare hands. If set to "ALL" no matter what the player kills the entity or breaks the block with the drop will happen.

    Update 0.2 - Added support for multiple tools. Same applies as before but the formatting for multiple tools goes like
    [IRON_PICKAXE,DIAMOND_PICKAXE] , you can add as many as you like but they have to be in this format, "HAND" can be used here. There is not point in using "ALL" in here.

    ItemAmount - The amount that you want to drop.

    CustomDisplayName - Custom display name to set to the item, you can use color codes in here, if you wish to not use a custom name put a minus sign. -

    T:F - If set to T it will clear the normal drops that you would get from killing an entity or breaking a block, in that case you will only get the custom drops, if it is set to F you will get both custom drops and default drops.

    DataValue - Item data value, if none leave it at 0, used for POTIONS, COLORED WOOL etc.
    Potion Data Values General Item Data Values
    For Potions instead of 0 at the end put the "Metadata" value on the right of the page, for general items instead of 0 put the value after the colon
    35:14, if there is no number there leave it at 0.

    Permission - If set to * everyone will get the drops, you can set it to whatever you want but I suggest something like customdrops.dropname, just for organization.
    There are some weird ones, so even if you are familiar with Material / EntityType enums you should still check the documentation to avoid any errors.

    Code (Text):

    - 'STONE:[IRON_PICKAXE,DIAMOND_PICKAXE]:APPLE,4,&4Custom Display Name:T:0:*'
    - 'GRASS:HAND:DIAMOND,64,&2&lShiny Diamonds:T:0:*'
    - 'LOG:ALL:GOLDEN_CARROT,12,-:F:0:drops.gcarrotlog'
    - 'COW:ALL:DIAMOND,10,&2Custom Display Name:T:0:drops.cowdiamonds'
    - 'CHICKEN:HAND:WOOL,1,&4&lRed Wool:T:14:*'
    - 'CHICKEN:STONE_SWORD:POTION,1,&2CustomPotion:T:16425:*'
    - 'HORSE:[HAND,STONE_AXE]:POTION,1,&2CustomPotion:T:16425:*'

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Recent Reviews

  1. AndreiTheGiant
    Version: 0.5
    Gonna start using this, hoping for the best. Config is hard to look at but really its lowkey simple.
    1. realzun
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. I know it's kind of confusing at first sight, I'll try to simplify it. Hope you have a good time with the plugin, and if you have any problems with it please PM me and I'll fix it as soon as possible! :)