CustomDrugs 99% EDITABLE 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT

⭐ CUSTOMDRUGS ⭐ 1.16 ⭐ Config & Language.yml

  1. Mxrlin1
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    • 1.16
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    Customdrugs 2.2-SNAPSHOT
    A drugs plugin, that is 99% customizable. Download it and convince yourself!

    • Drug Handler Note: Need to have Citizens loaded.
    • Customizable Alias
    • Creating and deleting drugs
    • Buying & Selling Drugs to the Drughandler Note: Need to have Essentials loaded.
    • A language.yml where you can edit 100% of the messages.
    • Custom Phone Recipe with that you can call the Handler.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • Update-Checker
    • My-SQL or File
    • /customdrugs Permission:
    • /customdrugs create <Name> <Duration> Permission: customdrugs.admin.create
    • /customdrugs delete <Name> Permission: customdrugs.admin.delete
    • /customdrugs handler Permission: customdrugs.admin.handler
    • /customdrugs get <Name> Permission: customdrugs.admin.getdrug
    To have every permission of the plugin: customdrugs.*
    To have every user permission: customdrugs.user.*
    To have every admin permission: customdrugs.admin.*

    • Custom recipes for the drugs
    • Custom phone recipe
    • Vault Compatible
    Only use the Classes of the package mxrlin.customdrugs.api.
    With the CustomDrugsAPI you can basically create, delete and check if there are Drugs. With the package you can do way more:

    • BuyDrugEvent → Fires when a player buys a Drug.
    • CreateDrugEvent → Fires when a drug gets finished.
    • DeleteDrugEvent → Fires when a drug gets deleted.
    • DrugInventoryPerNPCEvent → Fires when the Drug Inventory get open by the NPC.
    • DrugInventoryPerTelephoneEvent → Fires when the Drug inventory get open with the Telephone.
    • GetDrugEvent → Fires when a Player gets a drug.
    • SellDrugEvent → Fires when a player sells a drug.
    If you got some ideas, or found errors please contact me.

    IMPORTANT This is not meant to encourage you to use drugs in reallife! Minecraft is just a game where you can do much and have infinite lifes. In The Real World you only have one life!

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