CustomEconomy | The Only Economy You Will Need | 1.8.8 - 1.16.1 1.7.6

Custom Coded Economy | 1.8.8-1.16.1

  1. Small Issue

    Fixing a Very Small Issue
  2. Small Bug Fixes

    CustomEconomy 1.7.6(03/07/2020):
    • Fix | Sell Menu Using Buy Prices
    • Fix | List Not Showing Correct Balance
  3. Balance Top Null Pointer Fix

    CustomEconomy 1.7.5(02/07/2020):
    • Fix | Null Pointer Exception When Running Balance Top Command With Vault Integrated
  4. Sell GUI

    CustomEconomy 1.7.4(02/07/2020):
    • New | Sell GUI Like The Buy Menu
    • Improvement | Added A Check For Change Economy Type To Check If The Server Has Vault And An Economy Plugin Integrated
    • Fix | Typos In Command Descriptions And Usages
  5. New Sell List Command

    CustomEconomy 1.7.3(01/07/2020):
    • New | Sell List Command
    • Improvement | Added An Option To Right or Left Click When Adding An Item To The Sell or Buy List. Right Click Opens Conversation
    • Fix | Error When Running Balance Top / Token Top
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  6. Small Fixes

    CustomEconomy 1.7.2(01/07/2020):
    • Fix | Broken Messages From Commands: Token Balance, Balance and Eco Token And Balance Set
    • Fix | Error In Console When Join In Offline Mode
  7. Localization

    CustomEconomy 1.7.1(30/06/2020):
    • New | Plugin Is Now 1.16 Compatible
    • Improvement | Added Proper Localization (Menus and Conversations Will Be Able To Be Translated Soon) Meaning The Plugin Can Be In Your Language, Contact Me If You Would Like To Help Me Translate Or If Any Of The Messages Are Broken.
    • Improvement | Removed The Plugin Disabling If The Server Is In Offline Mode
  8. Vault Compatibility Option

    CustomEconomy 1.7.0(22/06/2020):
    • New | Economy Type Setting - Option To Add Vault Compatibility
    • Improvement | Sell Command Now Has An Option To Sell An Amount Of An Item Instead Of All That You Have Your Inventory (GUI Coming Soon)
  9. Exchange Menu Fixes

    CustomEconomy 1.6.4(19/06/2020):
    • Fix | Exchange Complete Message
    • Fix | Exchange Confirm Button Typo
  10. Offline Mode Check

    CustomEconomy 1.6.3(19/06/2020):
    • New | Disables Plugin If “online-mode” In Server Properties Is Not Set To “true”