CustomEnchants 1.0.1

Custom Enchantments

  1. CyranoTrinity
    CustomEnchants is a plugin which will be adding a whole lot of fun and custom enchantments to your server! CustomEnchants is going to be a DEDICATED project (*ahem* definitely not talking about myself).

    Tools Only:

    Obsidian Destroyer
    Max Level: 5
    Chance to break obsidian instantly

    Helmet Only:

    Max Level: 1
    Gives player night vision (Only activates on move)

    Note: Currently, there is no help menu (I apologize)
    /<enchantment> <level>

    Enchantment can be added if players can edit lore​

    Next Update
    New Enchant: Voodoo
    Configuration for messages
    Help Menu (HIGH)​
    Enchantment books - Books with random enchants
    Tiers - Simple, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary

    If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to PM me
    P.S. Dont leave stupid reviews :(


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Recent Reviews

  1. ChargedBow
    Version: 1.0.1
    Seems like a great start for an excellent plugin. Would really like to see more enchantments in the future. This was a nice little plugin for my SMP server. While all other customenchants plugins seemed not to work, this one did work and I'm grateful for it. Hope to see more updates and more enchantments added!
  2. DomMinesDiamonds
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great plugin a great start actually keep the updates going so this plugin can have more enchants and can also be more successful
  3. Clouderla
    Version: 1.0.1
    Good job with this plugin! I hope you carry this code to a point I could not reach. I am a dev myself so I would know how to code this but, I have been really busy. It is nice seeing someone take things out of their way and work hard on something they love! See ya later, and nice plugin!
    1. CyranoTrinity
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot :) I will probably be doing a re-code as the current version is really messy. Thanks for your support!
  4. IsaiahFord2000
    Version: 1.0.1
    Seems like a good start to a plugin you just need to add more enchants and other things i see you have future plans of adding more so keep it up!
    1. CyranoTrinity
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the awesome review!!