CustomGoldenApple 1.0.0

You can change Potion Effects, Food Level, Permission & Cooldown of a (OP) Golden Apple

  1. Raytex
    Requires Spigot 1.8.8 and Java 8.


    • Customizable Potion Effects of Golden and OP Golden Apple
    • Customizable Food Level of Golden and OP Golden Apple
    • Customizable Permissions of Golden and OP Golden Apple
    • Customizable Cooldown of Golden and OP Golden Apple
    • customgoldenapple.cooldown.bypass | Bypass the Cooldown of Golden Apple
    • goldenapple.use | To use a Golden Apple (Customizable in config.yml)
    • goldenapple.op.use | To use a OP Golden Apple (Customizable in config.yml)
    • none
    • Code (Text):
      #List of all avaible Potion Effects:
      #Use this Effect Format:
      #Amplifier meaning how strong, Duration (In Seconds) meaning how long it will last.
      #FoodLevel meaning how much food (20 = 10, 4 = 2) it will adds.
      #Cooldown means the Cooldown after use a GoldenApple again in Seconds.

      #Do NOT Edit!
      ConfigVersion: 1.1
      #Do NOT Edit!

        PermissionEnabled: false
        Permission: 'goldenapple.use'
        Cooldown: 5
        FoodLevel: 4
          - SPEED;5;2
        PermissionEnabled: true
        Permission: 'goldenapple.op.use'
        Cooldown: 10
        FoodLevel: 4
          - SPEED;30;3
    Planned Features:
    • Block Crafting of Golden Apple if a Player has not the right Permission
    • Im a Developer that turns Pizza into Plugins. If you want support me with PayPal, click here.