CustomGUI (1.13 ONLY) v2.4.8

A CustomGUI plugin with arguments!

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    • 1.13
    Grizz (Logo)
    A fully customizable GUI plugin that has an argument feature.
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    This is the 1.13 version of the plugin! Get the <1.13 version here:

    • Custom open command and GUI title (argument support and color support. Put 'BanMenu: <Arg>' as the name of the GUI in config, and it'll get replaced by the argument in-game!)
    • Unlimited items! Just copy and paste one of the two examples and edit!
    • Unlimited menus! Copy and paste a default one and edit!
    • In each menu, there's a 'FillWithPanes:' option. If set to true, it will fill all empty spaces in the GUI with Gray Stained Glass Panes.
    • Hooks into PlaceholderAPI!
    • Full item customization
      • Custom command for each item (runnable from console or player) Put command to 'null' for no command to be executed. For more info on commands, see
      • Custom Material, Data Value, Lore, and Name (PlaceholderAPI is supported, use <Arg> before the placeholder to parse the placeholder for the argument. See for more info.)
      • Custom amount of items in a slot (1 diamond or 10 diamonds, etc.)
      • Lore and Name allow color codes and "<Arg>", which gets replaced by the argument in-game (see below)
      • Player heads are supported! Put PLAYER_HEAD as the material, then the data section becomes the owning player's name. "<Arg>" and "<Username>" are supported, along with PAPI placeholders and regular player names.
      • Leather armor colors are supported, put any leather armor piece as the material, and the data section becomes the "color" section. All color names are supported, and must be all caps. Example: "BLUE"
      • “<Username>” will get replaced by the player opening the menu in-game.
    • Argument Support
      • Leave open command as normal, in item command put “<Arg>“. Then when executing the command, add an argument. For example the item command is “ban <Arg>” and the open command was “punish”, “punish (username)” would open a GUI and if you clicked the item with arguments in config, it would run “ban (username)”!
      • Item commands without "<Arg>" in them still function as normal.
    • GUI switching feature!
      • Use <GUI> at the start of an item command to open another GUI! After <GUI>, put the OpenCommand of the GUI you're trying to open. If the GUI you're trying to open requires arguments, put <Arg> after the OpenCommand.
    /customgui reload - customgui.command - Reloads plugin
    /customgui open <menu #> (player) - customgui.command - Opens menu # for optional player.
    [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] -<menu number> - Permission to open a menu.
    -------------------------Permissions------------------------ - Permission to open the GUI
    customgui.reload - Permission to reload the plugin

    1. Download by clicking the download button
    2. Drag and drop into your plugins folder
    3. Restart your server/load the plugin (PlugMan)
    4. Open up the config file and edit to your liking
    5. Reload the plugin in-game
    6. Have fun!
    • Q: Where do I find a default configuration? A: Look here.
    • Q: I get an error trying to open a GUI or some things aren't appearing! A: Make sure all menu names are '#':, replacing # with a number (also that number is for permissions), and that all item names are 'Item#', replacing # with a number.
    • Q: Weird stuff happens! (using color codes makes the first word of lore disappear, etc.) A: Put single quotes around that section of configuration.
    • Q: Why do I get an error while using color codes! A: You must surround your name and lore with single quotes (') to use color codes and special characters (", ;, ,, etc)
    • Q: Why do I get this symbol? View attachment 353953 A: You have entered a correct item name, but incorrect data value (it's missing the texture). Set your data value to 0 and see if that fixes it. If not, join my discord server and ask.
    • Q: I need other help. A: Join my discord server!
    Find donator on the 1.12 page.

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