CustomGUI 3.1.3

A CustomGUI plugin with arguments!

  1. Glowing

    In the config there is now an "Attributes" list. It defaults to none but if you add "glowing" and remove none it will make the item glow.
  2. Fixed!

    I switched the file names around in the zip file by accident. I fixed that!
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  3. Removed a debug message when clicking an item...

    Title says all
  4. New message feature and non-"sticky" items

    Now you can move items in your inventory with the CustomGUI open. Also, use <message> in a command to send a message to people who click an item. Supports color codes and PlaceholderAPI.
  5. Sounds! Permissions!

    New permissions and sounds for items! See main page!
  6. Fixed command

    Now the admin open command also requires an argument if the regular one does.
  7. Multiple commands

    Now supports multiple commands! If you are a previous user, you must do the same thin you did to lore when I added support for multi lore lines. Take the command String and make it a List:
    From this:
    Command: (command)
    - (command)
  8. Added metrics and changed a feature

    Added metrics (

    Commands have been changed:
    - <console> (command) runs command from console
    - <GUI> (target open command) opens another GUI
    - (command) runs command as player
    - <sound> (sound name) plays sound to player
    - <message> (message sent to player)

    Added <Username> in commands, gets replaced by the player opening the GUI
  9. Fixing my idiocy

    Forgot to remove setPlaceholders for two of the three possible item scenarios. The plugin was trying to parse PAPI placeholders of you didn't have them, and it caused an error.
  10. Multiple updates

    Now there's only one default config for those that only want one menu, the second one won't automatically generate.

    I've fixed a bug with the <Arg> in PAPI placeholders.

    Added support for no command, put the command to 'null' for no command.