CustomHardcore 1.1

Allows creation of highly customizable hardcore world group setups.

  1. Beskhue

    CustomHardcore is a plugin providing highly customizable support for creating custom hardcore world setups. It allows creation of multiple hardcore world groups that are kept track of separately. Each group can have its own configuration. When a player is banished, they will be teleported to a specified location in a different world.

    A configuration can look like this.
    alias: Default
    alias: Hardcore Worlds
    - HardcoreWorld
    - HardcoreWorld_nether
    - HardcoreWorld_the_end

    enabled: true
    lives: 2
    banishTime: 3.0
    lifeRegenerationTime: 7.0

    world: world
    x: 240.5
    y: 65.0
    z: 272.0

    Use the timezone key to specify your server's time zone. These correspond to the time zones found here.

    Next, worldConfig.groups defines the hardcore groups that will be used on your server. It is a mapping of group names and those groups' settings. Each group can have an alias (alias), a list of worlds (worlds) and a group configuration (config). All keys are optional.

    Use the alias of a group to define the display name of that group. It can be any string and does not have to be unique. If no alias is set, the display name will be the group's unique name (i.e., its key).

    Use the worlds key to specify the worlds the group consists of. If no worlds are specified, the group will effectively go unused. Any worlds that are not specified to belong to a group, will be assigned to the default group (worldConfig.groups.default).

    The configuration options are:
    • enabled: whether hardcore mode is enabled for this group or not.
    • lives: the number times a player can die before being banished.
    • banishTime: the length of time a player is banished after having spent all lives (measusured in days, e.g. 0.5 is 12 hours).
    • lifeRegenerationTime: the length of time after which a player that has died (but that has not been banished) regenerates that life (measured in days, e.g. 0.5 is 12 hours). If multiple lives are lost without banishment, all lives will be regenerated one-by-one. Set to 0 to disable regeneration.
    • banishLocation: the location a player is sent to when the banishment is enforced. They can move away from the location at will, but will be sent to the banishment location again when they attempt to join the world group they were banished from.

    Note: The default group, worldConfig.groups.default, is used as a "fall-back"-configuration group if other groups do not specify certain configuration options. If the default group does not specify the configuration option either, a hard-coded default is used.

    Commands and Permissions
    • /chc info [player]: Get banishment information of a player.
      • Aliases: /chc i
      • Permissions: (Default: true) to be able to perform the command on a target.
    • /chc list: List all the world groups with hardcore mode enabled.
      • Permissions: (Default: true)
    • /chc lives [player]: Get the number of lives a player has left in the hardcore groups.
      • Aliases: /chc l
      • Permissions: (Default: true) to be able to perform the command on a target.
    • /chc groupinfo [group]: See the configuration of a world group
      • Aliases: /chc ginfo, /chc gi
      • Permissions: (Default: true)
    • /chc worlds [group]: See the worlds that belong to a world group.
      • Aliases: /chc w
      • Permissions: (Default: true)
    • /chc banish <player> [group]: Banish a player from a group.
      • Aliases: /chc b
      • Permissions: customhardcore.moderator.banish (Default: op)
    • /chc unbanish <player> [group]: Unbanish a player from a group.
      • Aliases: /chc unb, /chc u
      • Permissions: customhardcore.moderator.unbanish (Default: op)
    • /chc reload: Reload the plugin's configuration.
      • Permissions: customhardcore.admin.reload (Default: op)

    For all commands where player is optional, the command will target the sender if no player is specified. For all commands where group is optional, the command will target the world group the sender is currently in if no world group is specified.

    The plugin has optional Multiverse integration. If Multiverse is enabled on your server, world names will be styled in accordance with your Multiverse world alias settings.

    The source code is available here.
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  1. sphilips
    Version: 1.1
    I just download and installed it and it works perfectly! I'm very happy!
    Thank-you for making this plugin Beskhue =D
    1. Beskhue
      Author's Response
      You're welcome!
  2. TomSpuhler
    Version: 1.1
    Exellent idea, but not working :(
    1. Beskhue
      Author's Response
      What seems to be the problem?