Customisable Unknown Command 2.0

Unknown Command allows you to set you're own customisable unknown command message.

  1. Exeyelius
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    * Unknown Command *
    Customise you're server, you're way.

    Unknown Command allows you to set you're own unknown command message. Are you aiming to create a fully customised server? Then download this plugin and you will never have to deal with the blank default unknown command message again.

    # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #
    # Unknown Command developed by Exeyelius #
    # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #
    Message: '&cSorry &a%player%&c, that command was not found!'

    {player} in V2.0!!!

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Recent Updates

  1. Added %player% variable
  2. Just a quick fix

Recent Reviews

  1. _IceFire_
    Version: 2.0
    You don't need from Plugin to customise unknwon command message. You can customise it it from spigot.yml on unknown-command: (You can use color codes &4), but anyway this resource can be good for aternos & minehut Servers.

    Thanks for hearing.
    1. Exeyelius
      Author's Response
      So what's exactly wrong with the plugin?