CustomItemActions 1.0

Allows you to configure custom actions for items, which are triggered when clicking the item

  1. Mr_Minecraft15
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Every (All messages can be translated)
    This plugin allows you to create actions for specific items. You can configure items and actions for these items (e.g. messages, broadcasts and commands) which are executed when the player interacts holding the configured item.

    You can configure ALL messages in the configuraion file.

    You just need to configure the items and the actions for the items. Then you can give the items to players and let them use the items.

    Important: You should give unique names to the items (e.g. with color codes) so players aren't able to create items, which are used for the custom actions..
    You can create these items using Essentials:
    /i dsword 1 name:&fThe_&4Monster&f_mash
    More information:

    CustomItemActions.use - Allows you to use the items/CustomItemActions (This permission is configurable)
    CustomItemActions.edit - Allows you to manage the items/CustomItemActions (This permission is configurable)

    Commands (for staff members):
    /CustomItemAction list - Lists all CustomItemActions
    /CustomItemAction create <name> - Creates a CustomItemAction with the item in your hand
    /CustomItemAction delete <name> - Deletes a CustomItemAction by name
    /CustomItemAction give <name> <player> - Gives a CustomItemAction to a player
    /CustomItemAction <name> add cmd|msg|bc <command|message|broadcast> - Adds a command, message or broadcast to a CustomItemAction
    You can use the placeholder %player% in the commands, messages and broadcasts
    /CustomItemAction <name> remove cmd|msg|bc <id> - Deletes a command, message or broadcast from a CustomItemAction

    If you have any requests, ideas or found any bugs, please let me know it!
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