CustomItemRecipes 1.4.1

Create custom items and recipes, complete with an API!

  1. 1.4.1 - More fancy GUI stuff yay

    • Clickable "loreizer" prompt - allows for easy modification of item lore, since commands are quite a chore. Simply type /citem lore while holding the item you wish to modify.
    • New config option: useInvisibleIDs. Defaults to true (existing behavior).
      • Determines whether the ID of a custom item should be visible to the client when spawned.
    • Added /citem reregister, to allow overwriting a registered item (note - this does not remove recipes for the old item until...
  2. 1.3

    - Fixed an issue where online players who crafted custom recipes that were removed would cause the server to be unable to save their playerdata.

    - API: Removed removeAllRecipesExceptFor

    - API: RecipeBlocker has been added to facilitate the ability to "disable" and automatically recipes when it's safe to do so.

    - RecipeBlocker will automatically remove all blocked recipes from server when the server is empty
  3. 1.2

    • Fixed an issue where using /cremove would cause the server to be unable to save playerdata for players currently on the server.
    • Changed API related to removing recipes.