CustomItems 1.5.4

You could create simply and fast your own items

  1. tvhee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin requires my API to work! Download here

    Join the Discord server to stay updated about Spigot 1.17 and the impact of my plugins!

    Plugin Summary:
    You can simply create your own items.

    - Create custom items with custom crafting recipes
    - Handy menu's to set up your items
    - Extra crafting menu for your players to view the crafting recipes (/ci recipes)
    - Execute a command or boost an elytra as a feature (hope to add more soon)
    - Remove vanilla crafting recipes (You could override it)
    - Easy to set up (except the resourcepack, but see the video)
    - Unlimited items!

    Important information:
    - Scroll down to see how to give your custom items textures
    - If the plugin is creating the custom item you have to wait some seconds before the menu opens again. Please do nothing while you are waiting.
    - If you get a "ClassNotFoundException" and you are not using the API, download it! Otherwise, it could be possible that the current API version has no support for the current version from this plugin, look in the version history from the API

    Ask me for:
    - Reporting bugs
    - Questions and feature requests
    - Plugin requests
    You can send me messages on Spigot or join my
    Discord server! (Click on Ask Questions / Get support ->)


    You have permission to use them for your own purposes, except with similar Minecraft plugin(pages).








    Code (YAML):
    1 plugin:
    2   prefix
    : '&b[CustomItems] &r'
    3   resource-pack
    : 'null'
    4   ##If set from false to true please reload/restart your server because the plugin can't have all the recipes in his memory
    5   remove-all-vanilla-recipes
    : false
    6   ##Check for updates if an player joins with permission customitems.update (you could also use the /ci update command)
    7   update-check
    : true
    8   ##If set to false you will not longer get the messages "no update available" if you join the server
    9   no-update-available-message-on-join
    : false
    Code (YAML):
    1  messages:
    2     plugin
    3        line1
    : '&3---------- &3CustomItems &3----------'
    4        line2
    : '&2Version &aV%version%'
    5        line3
    : '&aDo /ci help for a list of commands!'
    6        line4
    : '&2Plugin made by'
    7        line5
    : '&3------------------------------'
    8     help
    9        line1
    : '&3---------- &3CustomItems &3----------'
    10       line2
    : '&2/ci &aMain command'
    11       line3
    : '&2/ci help &aHelp menu'
    12       line4
    : '&2/ci give <item> [player] &aGive an player an custom item'
    13       line5
    : '&2/ci resourcepack load <link> &aLoad an resource pack'
    14       line6
    : '&2/ci resourcepack unload &aUnload an resource pack'
    15       line7
    : '&2/ci recipes &aList of all items with crafting recipes'
    16       line8
    : '&2/ci vanilla-recipes &aAll removed vanilla crafting recipes'
    17       line9
    : '&2/ci menu &aOpen the menu'
    18       line10
    : '&2/ci update &aCheck for updates'
    19       line11
    : '&2/ci reload &aReload command'
    20       line12
    : '&3------------------------------'
    21    update
    22       deactivated
    : '&6Warning: &eUpdate checking is disabled!'
    23       not-available
    : '&aThere is no update available, you are on the latest version!'
    24       available
    : '&cThere is an update available! You are on version &e%version%&a, the newest version is &e%new-version%&a!'
    25       available_2
    : '&eDownload here:'
    26    kick
    27       resourcepack-unload
    : '&cSorry the resourcepack has to be unloaded! Please join the server again'
    28    config
    29       no-int-elytra
    : '&4Config Error: &celytra-boosting is not an number (&eitem %item%&c)!'
    30       no-int-damage
    : '&4Config Error: &cdamage-when-used is not an number (&eitem %item%&c)!'
    31    command
    32       no-permission
    : '&4Error: &cYou don''t have permission!'
    33       not-found
    : '&4Error: &cCommand not found, do &e/ci help &cfor the help menu!'
    34       no-player
    : '&4Error: &cYou aren''t an player!'
    35       player-not-found
    : '&4Error: &cPlayer &e%player% &cnot found!'
    36    commands
    37       reload
    : '&aPlugin &eCustomItems &areloaded successfully!'
    38       give
    : '&aSuccessfully given &e%item% &ato &e%player%&a!'
    39       give-wrong
    : '&4Error: &cUsage: /ci give <item> [player]!'
    40       resourcepack
    : '&aResourcepack successfully loaded!'
    41       resourcepack-unload
    : '&cResourcepack successfully unloaded!'
    42       resourcepack-wrong
    : '&4Error: &cUsage: /ci resoucepack load <link> or /ci resourcepack unload'
    43       recipes-already-removed
    : '&4Error: &cAll recipes are already removed! Go to config.yml and set &e"remove-all-vanilla-recipes: false"&c!'
    44    menu
    45       buttons
    46          pages
    47             next
    : '&aNext Page'
    48             previous
    : '&cPrevious Page'
    49             current
    : '&eCurrent Page: %page%'
    50          close
    : '&4Close Menu'
    51          ingredients
    : '&5Crafting %number%: '
    52          edit-menu
    53             item-name
    : '&2Name: '
    54             id
    : '&6ID: '
    55             lore
    : '&4Lore:'
    56             durability
    : '&aDurability: '
    57             change-main-material
    : '&dChange main material'
    58             functions-menu
    : '&3Functions Menu'
    59             remove-item
    : '&4Click to remove the item'
    60          function-execution-menu
    61             set
    : '&fClick to set'
    62          function-setter-menu
    63             function-on
    : '&eFunction on: '
    64             crafting
    : '&bCrafting'
    65             commandexecution
    : '&2CommandExecution'
    66             elytraboosting
    : '&6ElytraBoosting'
    67             enabled
    : '&aEnabled'
    68             disabled
    : '&cdisabled'
    69          main-menu
    70             create
    : '&2Create an new item'
    71             duplicate
    : '&2Duplicate an existing item'
    72          remove-recipes-menu
    73             remove
    : '&2Remove an new existing vanilla recipe'
    74          recipes-menu
    75             name
    : '&2Name: '
    76             result
    : '&cResult: '
    77             remove
    : '&4Click to remove'
    78       main-menu
    79          name
    : '&3CustomItemsMenu'
    80       edit-menu
    81          name
    : '&3CustomItemsEditMenu'
    82       crafting-menu
    83          name
    : '&3CustomItemsCraftingMenu'
    84       type-in
    85          item-not-found
    : '&4Error: &cCan''t find item &e%item%&c! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    86          itemname
    : '&aPlease type in the name of your new item! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    87          name-not-correct
    : '&4Error: &cPlease type a name with only one word!'
    88          new-itemname
    : '&aPlease type in the name of your NEW item! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    89          old-itemname
    : '&aPlease type in the name of your EXISTING item! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    90          new-material
    : '&aPlease type in the name of the material! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    91          no-valid-material
    : '&4Error: &cMaterial &e%material% &cdoes not exist! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    92          name-already-taken
    : '&4Error: &cName already taken! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    93          id-already-taken
    : '&4Error: &cID already taken! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    94          no-int-used
    : '&4Error: &cYou may only use a number!'
    95          new-lore
    : '&aPlease type in your new lore! &cType &3"%n" &afor the next line! Type "false" to disable! Type "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    96          new-id
    : '&aPlease type in your new itemID! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    97          new-durability
    : '&aPlease type in your new durability! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    98          item-removed
    : '&cItem successfully removed!'
    99          new-command
    : '&aPlease type in your new command! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    100         new-boost
    : '&aPlease type in your new amount of boost! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    101         new-name
    : '&aPlease type in an new name for your recipe you want to remove! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'

    Color Codes:
    - Color codes are used in messages
    - This plugin supports hex color codes (if the plugin is running on a 1.16 or higher server), click here for a Hex color code generator.
    - This plugin also supports the 'normal' & color codes

    Commands and Permissions:
    - /ci (Head command)
    - /ci help (Help menu)
    - /ci give <item> [player] (Give an created item to an player)
    - /ci resourcepack load <link> (Install an resourcepack by download link)
    - /ci resourcepack unload (Remove the installed resourcepack (only works if installed by this plugin)
    - /ci vanilla-recipes (Menu to add rules to remove existing (vanilla) recipes
    - /ci reload (Reload command)
    - /ci menu (Open the main (admin) menu)
    - /ci recipes (Open an recipe viewer menu for the items created with this plugin)
    - /ci update (Check for updates)

    - customitems.reload -> /ci reload
    - -> /ci menu
    - -> /ci recipes
    - customitems.give -> /ci give
    - customitems.resourcepack -> /ci resourcepack
    - customitems.vanilla-recipes -> /ci vanilla-recipes
    - customitems.updates -> /ci update and message on join

    Give your custom items textures:

    If you can't read some things click on the "Vimeo" button to watch on fullscreen


    Download the basic resource pack
    here (Temporary not available, working on a fix)
    For questions join my Discord

    - Special thanks to LightF for reporting many bugs which I could solve

    Official partner:
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