CustomItemsAPI 2021-03-19

create custom items easily

  1. mmm1245
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    With this api, you can create custom items easily.
    !!!This plugin doesnt add anything new(except getitem command) to the game. It is up to plugin developers to create these custom items.

    How to create custom item:
    Create class for your custom item which extends CustomItem class.
    If you want to use your item more easily, make this class singleton. In your constructor you must call line
    Code (Java):
    to register your item. Next step is to implement all abstract methods. Method create MUST return ItemStack that your item will show as. there is built in ItemBuilder class, so it is best to use it. however you MUST make the item have custom model data which you get from running getCustomModelData() applied to the item. Your custom item is now working. You can add custom functionality to this item by implementing interfaces in package They all have method which is automatically called when event with your custom item happens. Have fun creating custom items.

    This tutorial is hard to follow so if you look at github page there is example in readme

    This plugin is still in developing stage. if you want to report bug create new issue in GITHUB not in reviews, providing stacktrace, server version, plugin version and other plugins installed.